Monday, January 31, 2011

Strong Street Studio

I don't really know how much I have talked about my move into changing this hobby into a business. I do however know that about the time that I started to think of this as a money making idea my posts to this blog dropped to almost zero. I became very protective of my new idea and my new venture. I became a parent to this studio and I wanted to protect that. Silly but very true.

I am sure by this time I have lost pretty much everyone that was coming here to look at what I did next or what kind of mistakes I had made. I know you where not here for the horrible grammar, spelling mistakes, and typos. This place is interesting for me to go back and look at if for no other reason than to realize the baby steps I took for many years. That it was a layered process that has me now working in what is my own studio and my own side business from my day to day job. Strong Street Studio is no longer an idea but a functioning business that is making money and out of all debt as of this year.

In short if you find this blog you can look back and see someone build a glass studio from start to finish over a couple years. From knowing as little as one can know to lighting up his first gather in his own shop. It is a painful read but it is there. How I funded it, how I purchased equipment, how I ran electrical it is all here. I am however going to start a new site. I don't really feel like I am new to this anymore. I am not expert, hell I am not even seasoned, but I am no longer new....that is for sure.

So this is the last post at New2glass. I will leave this up for anyone in the future that gets a itch to build a studio. Maybe something in here will inspire them or help. Maybe they will venture over to my new blog. and have a laugh at what is sure to be a string of all new problems and errors.

Thanks for the support and laughs. Hope to see you at the new digs.