Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I found this glass, weight loss boot camp, my pants fit!

Boot Camp rocks, over the last 15 weeks I have lost a staggering 27.5 pounds (252.6 down to 225.1)and my timed mile has gone from 9.45 to 7.31. That is a lot of ground to make up in 12 weeks! I am completely stoked.

I am in what they call the "Blast" camp now which is just a short 3 week course between the bigger boot camps. After that I will get on my 3rd camp and hope to get under 220 and get my timed mile down under 7 minutes. This blast seems to be focused on a little more cardo so I hope to drop those last 7 pounds off and reach my 3rd set goal. If anyone in Pensacola wants to go to this boot camp I can't recommend it enough.

Fixed on Fitness

Ok, enough about that lets talk about glass!

I have started back up on the "I found this glass" movement. I have already started to put things out in the wild for people to find. I am even thinking about doing a little GEO-cache one if anyone is interested. I have already put the first one out at one of the parks downtown.

I will put one out tomorrow at the same park but a different place...There is a wonderful bar on the corner...first drink is free on friday and Bobby is the bartender.... that is a clue!

Thursday I will put one out in a park in East Hill that has a couple of the regulars that bark at people if they get excited.

Friday....well it will be in one of the trees downtown outside my Friday happy hour stomping grounds on Palafox.

Good luck!