Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from Norway!

Ok so I did not tell you guys I was going to Norway. Sorry. My bad. Honestly I have a huge fear that if I post something like:

"Going to Norway for two weeks, YEA!" I will come home to find that someone that hates me and like my Flat Screen will rob me blind. Color me crazy but I think like that.

Anyway, with my phobias out of the way I can let you know it was amazing. Truely stunning visual experience. Mountains, glass shops, fjords, Cold Play concert in a old fort...just a really awesome trip. I also got a first hand look at where MiniMolli gets all her beauty....Norway has a really good looking gene pool.

We took 3 memory stick full of pictures that I have not waded into yet so once I do I will post some of the better one in the next post.

Right now: PUMPKINS are being to breed in the shop...I think they are like rabbit they seem to be repoducting in my shop I swear we have more than when I left.



Sloth said...

tell the acorns to start reproducing then damn pumpkins always stealing the spot light!!!

Anonymous said...

Pumpkins! Gotta love 'em. Welcome back. For what it's worth, I never tell people I am leaving either for the same reason! :)