Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just looking for trouble.

I have taken on a little more than I do most of the time. To be honest what I have done is put myself between a bullet and a target.

So many things on my plate right now that I don't have much time to think let alone post on this blog right now. Actually right now I am still up at work which I have been here until the late hours of the morning every morning for about the last 2 weeks.

Deadlines and on a ATO network that needs to be finsihed.

Sigh...no glass just endless amounts of work. Shooting to be done with it before Ryan gets here at the end of the month. If I break loose of the bonds that are holding me at work I will post a picture of a lit glory, a cold drink, and my happy arse out in the shop.


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Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Hey Scott, nice to hear from you. You are way too kind! The class was great. We don't at this point have any other classes scheduled to attend. Check out the Pratt Fine Arts there in Seattle and Pittsburgh Glass. They both have a number of classes Hope you get some G time soon!