Friday, April 17, 2009

Return to Sender.

Way back when I had a contest. I was told the prizes to South Africa did not make it. I was bummed, but not as much as the people looking for them.

Well I got them back. It seems that either they did not make it into SA because of customs or they where shipped back. What is really interesting is that I had sent new replacements about a week before the Return to Sender Red stripe cups came back after a 3 month round trip.

Shrug...I now have a couple or red stripe cups that have seen more travel distance than me. I will drink to them they have been a long way from home.


1 comment:

angel said...

I got mine at last! Its on my kitchen windowsill next to the other Novota glass prize.
I was so chuffed!
I'm also glad we finally know what happened to the others.