Thursday, April 16, 2009

New glassblowers by the handful.

I had a whole truck full of my family show up last night at the shop. My mothers side of the family who I have not seen for at least 15 years.

What a blast as I got to set everyone down at the bench and walk them all the way into making flowers and paperweights. I have an annealer full of family glass just waiting to be shipped at this point.

I also let them into the what I am calling The Pumpkin Cave. Mini and I cleaned out what I called the Back40 before because it is where old, junky, or strange things went to wither away and die in the garage/shop. It really had a bunch of stuff back there and if I said "wow I have been looking for that" once I said it fifty times. Now that it is all nice and cleared out I have a place to stash the pumpkins as they are made. It looks like they are breeding in that little space in the back of the shop. Tribels.

I have been blowing glass pretty much non-stop for a week now and my body it letting me know it is time for a break. I will push out a couple orders tonight and shut down early...we will see how that goes...



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angel said...

Oh how I would LOVE a pumpkin...