Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Glass Pumpkins - Little Brothers - ACTION!

Ok guys I know that I have been a little on the light side as of late with the blog but there are reasons. I will make them quick.

#1. I am lazy.
#2. I am tired.
#3. Furnace tooks a dump on me. 3 times in the span of 2 months.
#4. Once it got back online I have been a glass blowing machine.
#5. See #1.

Ok now that little bit is out of the way lets work our way into things that are going on. Furnace is kickin it high style out in the shop. It has been so nice for the last week or so that I have done nothing but get back into the shop. I have even been taking my days off from work and going in at night to do "off hour" work because it is so nice. To be honest off hour work is nice you get a lot more done and well no one is around to distract you so you get even more done.

Glass Pumpkins! - Yep you heard it here first. I am back to making them and I figure if I just make 2 or 3 every time that I blow glass I will have plenty when the time rolls around this year. Actually the 20 or so I have already made are looking freaking good...I mean better than some of my best ones last year. It has me stoked. I think I make much better pumpkins when I just have fun with them instead of getting all stressed out and in production mode.

What I have been doing with the glass pumpkins this year is color testing. I have been really working on my color combos and testing out all my new stuff. Really working the combos that are in a color design book I purchased to help teach myself color design. I think that it is starting to pay off this year. I got it last year at the end of the season but this year it will be a major change in my color selections and mixtures. I can wait...must blow pumpkins...must fight the pumpkin voices in my head.... I kid, I kid but it really does add a level of excitment to making them that I have never had. It is kind of like little mini-christmas mornings every morning when I open up the annealer to get a peak before work.

My little Brother Ryan is flying in at the end of the month so I need to start making plans for a second set of hands in the shop. It is not often that I get an experienced set of hands in the glass shop to pull of difficult things. One of the big things that we will be doing is going ahead and getting our dozen "HUGE PUMPKINS" out of the way. I will rent the Belmont for this little effort so that I can get some pumpkins out in the 10 to 14 inche wide range. Once I get them done I will not make anymore of them this year. We will also crank out a whole truck load of acrons again because honestly he is the best set of hands I have had in the shop for assisting with these. He just picked it up like second nature and even made a couple himself that where pretty damn snazzy.

I also have a couple ideas to add to the mix and I need his input on so we can plan for his next trip. I found out that this month Delta is offering up a special for double sky miles so while he is here I am going to try to gift him 30k in miles, which becomes 60k, so I can get him back down before Oct. and keep it easy on the wallet.

Ok, that was just a quick brain dump I hope it all made for an easy read.....


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angel said...

How cool! So how was the visit with your brother?