Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok random post.

Ok it is raining like end of days here. I mean it has pretty much been raining non-stop for the better part of a week. One day we had over 7 inches and we got pretty much 2 or more every other day. Pensacola gets a ton of rain and to be honest it would really put any place else under water. We are lucky that our soil is very very sandy and drians like no one business. I think we even get more than Seattle by volume.

Anyway above is a picture Mini took out off the front porch the other day. We get the strangest things around here. We don't have a farm, or field, or well anything where horses could be kept for 20 miles in any direction but here they are clodhopping down our street. It would be a lie if I told you this is the strangest thing I have seen but I will save that for anouther day.

Update on the furnace! I got all the parts in and I am now pretty good at ripping this thing apart and rebuilding it. In fact it has gone down 3 times in the last 2 months. Once for an element blow out, once for a DP switch blowout, and this last time it was just bad wires that gave up the ghost. I just got done checking it about an hour ago and I am up to about 1900f. So as soon as this weather clears for a bit I am in the shop! I will post a couple of pictures of the rebuild in a couple days. It seems that I now know at about 14 months I just need to replace the elements, the dp switch, and all the wires. I think because of the moisture I expose this furnace to it ages pretty quick and it seem to just be a good idea to fix all this before it fails next time.

Mini just sent me a text so it time to go have a quick drink, relax, and kick back with some friends. I hope you guys are having as good a week as me as everything seems to finally be coming together.



The Phosgene Kid said...

And I worry about dogs crapping in my yard!

Ray G said...

You've got it right about rainfall there vs Seattle. Pensacola is considered the second rainiest city in the continental US,
and the average annual rainfall is almost twice what Seattle gets (65 inches in Pensacola, 37 in Seattle). The only city that beats Pensacola is right here in Mobile, AL.

We'll be waiting to hear the strangest thing you've ever seen. Does this sound like the makings of a contest?

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