Monday, February 2, 2009

Ready, set, wait.

So I finally got a set of elements put into the furnace. I ran them up to 1600f for a couple of hours to sort them out a bit. It also helps to put a black oxidized coat on the elements that "they say" helps them last longer. The set I got from Duralite seems to be more robust than the original set of elements that came with the furnace. We will see how they last. When I left this morning it was at 1000f on the way up to 2125f which is the temp that I will start to charge the furnace. Should hit that sometime tomorrow around 6pm.

For those of you that want to know how to ramp up and ramp down a furnace without cracking the pot/killing it here is the skinny. In the most simple terms possible:

From room temp to 700f you ramp it up 50f per hour.

Then from 700f to 1400f you ramp it at 25f per hour. This is the critical point that glass goes though crystalization and will either expand or contract depending on if you are cooling or heating it. This is what puts that stress on the pot.

From 1400f to 2150f I ramp at 50f per hour again but once you clear 1600f you can just ramp up at full speed. At this point the glass is pretty much melted and your pot is hot enough to not care.

So looks like I will be dumping glass in the pot on Tuesday, have a melt by Wed. if I am lucky and I can crank out some work.

Light fixtures
Large Paperweight type things for business here in town

Busy bee....need to switch into a couple other projects as well....but those will come later.

Hope you guys had a great weekend.



snowelf said...

I was sucked into watching a few episodes of How it's Made the other night and they were making handmade marbles. Of course I thought of you immediately. The whole process was just awesome, and I got freaked out because the guy was just grabbing the hot glass and shaping some of it with wet newspaper! Yikes!


G3T Films said...

I tried heating pot up to that temperature you suggested. It just appeared to turn to smoke. Then that American swimmer, Phelps, came along and, well, got some awesome photos!

Gnat of Glass said...


I use newspaper all the time. In fact is is one of the things I use the most.

I go and buy the "ends" of the rolls they use to print them. They always have a roll that have about 200 rotations left on it. It works great for packing and making the paper pads I use to shape with. Bonus is that I don't have to inhale the newsprint/ink.

G3T, don't get any ideas from that last statement.


G3T Films said...

Haven't seen the eight Olympic medal winner and his bong photo?

I've done the post on Bale for you.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you are watching the temps - certainly don't need any more crack pots around here!!

EXSENO said...

If you can use paper to shape it with your hands does that mean it can still be shaped while it is cooling somewhat?