Monday, February 9, 2009

Blast from the past.

A fellow glassblower sent me a reminder of why I blow glass. As it happens I wrote it years ago to answer someones question about why I blow glass even if it does not make a bunch of money. Here was apparently what I had to say and I think it still rings true for me. Funny how your own words sound strange to you when they bounce back to your ears years later.

Why I do it.

The second I walk into the glass shop everything kind of stops running around in my head. How am I going to get this router and firewall to do this, this VIOP product to nanu nanu with that one, why is the ADS server giving me the finger....etc..etc..

It vanishes in the blink of an eye, and all I have to do to calm down is pull out my first gather, take it to the marver and roll away all of the weeks stress as I blow my worries into the end of a pipe and cap them off. Trapped in that little glass bit on the end of the pipe are the worries of my week, trapped in a prison of glass. My partner in crime at the glass shop shows up all smiles, happy to be there. We banter about kids, and work, and music...all while making a couple of things that don't really matter. I take it all back, they do matter because they are like little pieces of stress that I have pulled out of my soul and stuck in the glass. Each piece of glass at my house represents a moment when I was free of the world and its worries. They serve to remind me to go back, be creative, try something new, and not worry about if it is right or wrong. Someone will love whatever I pull out of that annealer. Someone will enjoy that piece of glass even if I hate it, you know why because everyone has different tastes. I smile every time someone buys a piece of my work as I watch my stress kill itself by funding its own demise.

Glass is my release. The luxury of not having to make a living off it might be the reason. As far as art or craft, everything is art for me. You have to be skilled to be a craftsman, anyone can crank out art and I am a prime example of that theory.




Sloth said...

That is a weird picture is that a left handed bench. Did not know they ever made such a thing.... all shops I have ever seen are build for right handed people period!! but on the other hand I can not tell where it is located? Very confusing picture there.---has to be indoors somewhere with no humidity----tools have no rust!

Drew Jaeger said...

Nice explanation of why you blow glass. I feel the same type of release with my kilnformed work and hopefully once I get a little better at blowing I will as well. I just head to the basement and start cutting glass and loading stuff into the kiln my day's worries just disappear. You explained it far better than I ever could.

Gnat of Glass said...

Or it could just be a flipped photo.....


G3T Films said...

Now, I would love to see you blow a glass 'stress daemon'.

I saw an advert for a show on a guy who made glass puppets the other day. Unfortunately I missed the show. But the work looked cool.