Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok going to be off the radar.

Ok going to be off the radar a bit. My furnace it currently powered down for element replacement and the guys can't seem to get thier collective game together enough to send me the elements. I needed the break honestly.

Work is going into high gear as I have two projects that need my attention for the next week or so. It is not a big deal but it needs to get my full attention so I can get it off my list. Plus once they are done I am pretty much home free for a bit.

Lets see if I make it a whole week without posting....I give myself 3 days.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Howz my glass vibrator coming along? Hope the lack of elements doesn't slow the work down - want to give it as a gift...

G3T Films said...

Hahaha, that post below is hilarious.

What if you just made pumpkins with extra long straight stems. They could be called 'Please Pump Kins'.

Hope you have a good break and you can fix the furnace soon.

Jewels said...

good luck with that break.

and no glass breaking!