Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just a quick drive by posting here. Work is not letting up anytime soon so I am hip deep in it. No worries it is all going just fine it is just well, work. Once I catch up things will get back to normal.

It has been a good thing that the furnace has been offline because I think it would have just been sitting there doing nothing sucking up money. I just have not had any time to give to glass as of late.

I never got in touch with the Aim Kiln people they seem to have their phone up someone arse. They never answer it, ever. They also have had a message full voicemail on it for the last two years. I mean come on guys do you want my money or not? I had to break down and order them at a higher cost from Duralite Elements. Let me tell you something they might cost more but they are nice, answer the phone, and ship the order out before they even bill you. I should have my elements here the first of next week and be hot around Friday just in time for the weekend. So we are gearing up for a gear up to gear up if you gear what I am saying.

Here is what Kiln/Furnace Wire Elements look like.

I figure by that time I will have the two big things on my plate off my plate at work. I will have the pressing social things out of the way and be on my way to making some lighting fixtures. All HAIL THE LIGHTING FIXTURES! Ok after I get 20 custom made cups out...priorities you know.



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snowelf said...

Ugh! I know just what you mean about playing catch up--glad to know things are going to be slowing down for you soon. :)

Hope you and Molli are well and it's warm there!