Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ok, want to win something cool?

Jewels is having a contest and she is always first in cue to pile up on one of mine. It is about time I had a chance to win something that she makes! This is contest for some of her jewelry so swing over and come up with a cool name for her latest line of goodies.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, so a friend of mine and I where recently talking about how I think that music is becoming homogenized. That most of it really just starts to kind of all sound the same. I will not get into Nickelback here because honestly I don't care about them but that is a good example. You could say the same thing about Aerosmith as well. Both bands songs kind of sound recycled a bit to me but still are fun to listen to and they have done more than most people ever get done so good for them. Although this a good example it was not really way I was talking about and my friend knew it. So I went looking to prove my point and stumbled onto this. It just blows your mind a bit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gettin Knitty around here.

MiniMolli has been a busy bee knitting up some of the stores around town. Her stuff sells really well in a couple of the higher end stores that lean toward the younger to my age women and she knits contemporary stuff. She has just posted a couple of things up at Etsy to give the whole online thing run.

I love the single button scarfs that she knits and they are a big seller. She can't keep the bennies around for anything. Anyway, stop on by and take a look at the stuff she has up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just a quick drive by posting here. Work is not letting up anytime soon so I am hip deep in it. No worries it is all going just fine it is just well, work. Once I catch up things will get back to normal.

It has been a good thing that the furnace has been offline because I think it would have just been sitting there doing nothing sucking up money. I just have not had any time to give to glass as of late.

I never got in touch with the Aim Kiln people they seem to have their phone up someone arse. They never answer it, ever. They also have had a message full voicemail on it for the last two years. I mean come on guys do you want my money or not? I had to break down and order them at a higher cost from Duralite Elements. Let me tell you something they might cost more but they are nice, answer the phone, and ship the order out before they even bill you. I should have my elements here the first of next week and be hot around Friday just in time for the weekend. So we are gearing up for a gear up to gear up if you gear what I am saying.

Here is what Kiln/Furnace Wire Elements look like.

I figure by that time I will have the two big things on my plate off my plate at work. I will have the pressing social things out of the way and be on my way to making some lighting fixtures. All HAIL THE LIGHTING FIXTURES! Ok after I get 20 custom made cups out...priorities you know.



Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok going to be off the radar.

Ok going to be off the radar a bit. My furnace it currently powered down for element replacement and the guys can't seem to get thier collective game together enough to send me the elements. I needed the break honestly.

Work is going into high gear as I have two projects that need my attention for the next week or so. It is not a big deal but it needs to get my full attention so I can get it off my list. Plus once they are done I am pretty much home free for a bit.

Lets see if I make it a whole week without posting....I give myself 3 days.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Glass Bongs and Dildos

Ok people enough with the requests for bongs and dildos. I get it. You need them. I need you to understand that I don't make them.

Maybe one day I will need money so bad that I would not mind being called "The Dildo Maker" but that time is not now or in the near to distance future.

You horny devils....godness how did you perverts get my e-mail address anyway. There are plenty of places to get this stuff you don't need me to make them.

Man...sorry it was the third request this week and it had specs!

Update: Ok I take it back, everything above is false. They are 500 bucks each. Start sending me the orders, you get to pick a color I get to pick everything else. Lets see how bad you really want them.

Update2: Apparenty you people don't know a joke....or I had no idea what things sold for....just wow....I honestly don't make this can't even joke around these parts anymore.