Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I found this glass, weight loss boot camp, my pants fit!

Boot Camp rocks, over the last 15 weeks I have lost a staggering 27.5 pounds (252.6 down to 225.1)and my timed mile has gone from 9.45 to 7.31. That is a lot of ground to make up in 12 weeks! I am completely stoked.

I am in what they call the "Blast" camp now which is just a short 3 week course between the bigger boot camps. After that I will get on my 3rd camp and hope to get under 220 and get my timed mile down under 7 minutes. This blast seems to be focused on a little more cardo so I hope to drop those last 7 pounds off and reach my 3rd set goal. If anyone in Pensacola wants to go to this boot camp I can't recommend it enough.

Fixed on Fitness

Ok, enough about that lets talk about glass!

I have started back up on the "I found this glass" movement. I have already started to put things out in the wild for people to find. I am even thinking about doing a little GEO-cache one if anyone is interested. I have already put the first one out at one of the parks downtown.

I will put one out tomorrow at the same park but a different place...There is a wonderful bar on the corner...first drink is free on friday and Bobby is the bartender.... that is a clue!

Thursday I will put one out in a park in East Hill that has a couple of the regulars that bark at people if they get excited.

Friday....well it will be in one of the trees downtown outside my Friday happy hour stomping grounds on Palafox.

Good luck!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Flippy Flop.

So for those of you that know me you know why this blog has been a little left in the cold. For everyone else, I have been freaking busy!

2 pumpkins parties
1 Gulf Coast Arts Festival
1 Booth to Build
Tons of stuff to make for the above
Work got crazy just to add to the stress
Belmont Crazyness, partly my fault but was there none the less
Selling a Truck
Purchased a Truck
Started a new company, Strong Street Studios - YEAH!
Lost about 25 pounds
I could keep going but lets just say it has been a bit of a run as of late.

I honestly don't know how my wife was dealing with my constant level of GO GO GO as well as her constatnt level of GO GO GO! Hats off to you Mini, you are the glue baby I am just the loose stuff looking for something to latch onto. I would be lost without you. MUH!

So I have used the last week to completely and utterly recharge. Took 3 days off..sort of with the hurricane and Vets day to help me. Just wonderful not to have to do anything beside wake up and workout.

Last night was about the first time that I have been in the shop with pretty much nothing to make that had to be made. Of course I had a couple orders but those dropped pretty quick and I was left standing there thinking...what now?! Before the Gulf Coast Arts Festival I had started to play with a specific way to make an ornament. I bet I messed with that thing for a week straight about an hour a night and only truely made about 4 of them worth selling. Never really got it down and could not reproduce them for my life. I just could not get right.

Last night, FLIP FLOP. I realized I was using way to much of a bubble in the pre-shape part of my steps. It was like magic and I was on fire. 15 in a row and not a one hit the gound until I announced to the backyard "I got this!". The next 3 hit the floor. I laughed as each one hit the ground, rolled off the knock off table, or in the last case flew from my put away tongs after I had finished it perfectly. It was in some strange way funny not to be under the gun to get them done and them breaking just made me giggle. Heck I even made a forth floor model. Finished it. Then promptly droped it just for fun. Giggle, toss it up into the air and laugh out loud when it exploded on the cement. Just turn off the glory, put away the tools, and turn of the lights. Funy how much different my outlook is after reaching the goals and being on the downhill run. Looks good from this side of the hill.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Etsy Glass Pumpkins

As you can tell in the Etsy wigget to the right I put a couple glass pumpkins up. MiniMolli took the pictures yesterday and put them on Etsy.

Little late in the month but we will see if they sell.

Still gearing up for the Gulf Coast Arts Festival, building the booth, and making vases. It will be very busy the next couple of weeks.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ball has rolled.

The pumpkin party is now behind me.

It was a grand success, even better than last year! Ben Bogan's Metal work was a huge plus to the party and he did very well also. The weather was great and the party was a hoppin!

All in all I am not sure it could have gone any better.

Thank you to everyone that came.

Thank you to everyone that helped!

I will post some pictures in the very near future when I calm down and actaully get to look at some pictures.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pumpkin King back in the swing of things.

Well the pumpkins are numbering somewhere in the 400 range so far.

I had a minor fubar with the furnace popping the breaker lets hope the pot did not crack. Note to self, don't charge so fast that it overheats the breaker. Either that or I have burner out anouthe DP connector it could go either way.

Maybe I should go ahead and order anouther pot for the furnace....that would be bad but I refuse to think about it at this point.

At some point in time I need to get working on my Gulf Coast Arts Festival stuff. I have a couple of idea but I need Ryan here to do them. Now that I have said that I am going to go ahead and order that other pot. If push comes to shove I can always rent out the belmont but I hate doing that under pressure. I never seem to get the times I want.

I should order the pot and a new set of elements right now before they fail....that will keep them from failing I am sure.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from Norway!

Ok so I did not tell you guys I was going to Norway. Sorry. My bad. Honestly I have a huge fear that if I post something like:

"Going to Norway for two weeks, YEA!" I will come home to find that someone that hates me and like my Flat Screen will rob me blind. Color me crazy but I think like that.

Anyway, with my phobias out of the way I can let you know it was amazing. Truely stunning visual experience. Mountains, glass shops, fjords, Cold Play concert in a old fort...just a really awesome trip. I also got a first hand look at where MiniMolli gets all her beauty....Norway has a really good looking gene pool.

We took 3 memory stick full of pictures that I have not waded into yet so once I do I will post some of the better one in the next post.

Right now: PUMPKINS are being to breed in the shop...I think they are like rabbit they seem to be repoducting in my shop I swear we have more than when I left.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


OH YEAH!!!!!

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.....Huge break in my downhill slide.

OH YEAH!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stone Age Superstitions

You ever just have a string of days that don't work. I don't mean that you had hardscrabble issues. What I am talking about is that things are for the most part going ok. You wake up, your not ill, you go to work, you work, you come home, you go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

What I am talking about is fighting for every inch of progress you make. Not the normal everyday needs. Work, your life, your forward momentum is held down or back like your stung up to a giant wind sail in a 40 knot gail.

Fighting against the wind your making inch by inch progress, foot by foot, yard by yard you just slug it out. Railing against the wind. Then you loose a foothold and slip, not enough to knock you down but just enough for the wind to catch, lift you from mother earth, and send you sailing back far enough to knock the spirt out of you.

I am fighting that that fight right now. The wind I have to believe will die down. The path will become wide and my pace will increase. Alas, right now I am looking for four leaf clovers, crossing my fingers, and walking around ladders. Stone age superstitions but damnit I need all the help I can get.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just looking for trouble.

I have taken on a little more than I do most of the time. To be honest what I have done is put myself between a bullet and a target.

So many things on my plate right now that I don't have much time to think let alone post on this blog right now. Actually right now I am still up at work which I have been here until the late hours of the morning every morning for about the last 2 weeks.

Deadlines and on a ATO network that needs to be finsihed.

Sigh...no glass just endless amounts of work. Shooting to be done with it before Ryan gets here at the end of the month. If I break loose of the bonds that are holding me at work I will post a picture of a lit glory, a cold drink, and my happy arse out in the shop.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just working guys. Sorry for the lack of updates it is like a zoo around here.

The overtime is good...


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Definite Purpose Contactors

Ok so most of you know that I have been having problems with my furnace as of late. I kind of figured that I just did not know what the heck I was doing but it turns out it was a little bit more than that. I have figured out the big mystery in the furnace.

Definite Purpose Contactors are the poor man solution to the Mercury Relay Switch. What both of these pieces of equipment do is pretty much the same. They are the big switch in the electrical path that either feeds power to the elements(what heats up the furnace) or what turns it off. It is in laymans term a light switch. ON/OFF. Instead of you turning it on and off there is a little computer that opens or closes the switch. It does this to either heat up or cool down the furnace by cutting or powering up the elements.

The problem is DP contactors are loud. They sound like the loud click your air conditioning unit outside makes when it turns on. If you really wanted a real world example of a furnace contoller look at your thermostat in your house. It is basically the same thing but instead of controlling the heat it is controlling the cool! To hot, CLICK it turns on the air and it gets down to 76, CLICK it turns it off. Same thing.

Back to the DP contractors(pictured above) the furnace that I have actually uses a DP contactor that is used in large Air units. They might last 7 years in an air unit but in a furnace...well not so long. In a furnace it is turning on and off about 10 times as often. Thus is breaks ten times as fast. They are rated for only so many on and off cycles.

What I have found out is that this particular DP unit has almost a 1 to 1 ratio with my element life. Two times I have burned out my elements from use. This is normal. Both times inside of a week the DP contactor died. Both times the elements went first, followed by the DP contactor going out about a week later. So to save myself and anyone else that is using this kind of furnace I will start replacing the DP contactor every time I replace the elements. Either that or I am going to wire in a Mercy Relay Switch(pictured above) which is good for about 10 million cycles and makes no sound at all. To be honest I kind of like the click it lets me know everything is working like it should.


Friday, June 26, 2009

A Step forward.

When I started to blowing glass I kind of always figured that I would either one day get tired of it or as my Uncle Chuck says "Pour the Kool-Aid to it".

As it happens it seems that I have done just that over the years. When I started it was a hobby that produced things that only a mother could love. Alas, I was hooked and the glow of the furnace with moten glass attracted me like a moth to a flame. It was like playing with fire, lava, and time all at once. Everything in glass is really about timing, control, dexterity, and your ability to deal with heat. Maybe that is what drew me in. Maybe it was just being able to play with fire and molten glass. Either way the nexus of those things was like a force I could not pull myself away from.

Flash forward 2 years of every Wed. night rental slots. I could make a cup, bowl, and they where wonky but cool in their own right. Paperweights became second nature and not a problem. I was left wanting more, one night a week was not going to cut it. I felt like everything I learned in the hour and 1/2 vanished by the time I made it back the next week. I had hit a wall. I could not continue on this path without making a change, doing it more, making more, seeing more. MORE!

I started to plan. I started to horde. I started to save. Then I started to buy. Opening up your own shop would take considerable amounts of money. In fact I had the sum pegged at around 12k for a very small limited shop.

Note:It turn into quite a bit more and I will not even start to guess the number of man hours.

I made lists of everything I needed and started to look on ebay, Craigslist, newspapers, glass boards, and pretty much talked about it to everyone non-stop.

After anouther year I had collected a really good start. I had my full set of the hand tools that you use at the bench. I had purchased shaping blocks and stored them in water in the back yard. I had picked up a lot of the building blocks to build the equipment. I was only 20% of the way there. I still did not even have half a shop, but I had started.

Next up was the hard part:

Build a shed for all the stuff in the garage. Done! Knock out the wall on the west side of the garage and build out the shop. Done! Get all the electrical run(could have purchase a KIA Sophie for what this cost lone...I should have been an electrician) and pay it off. Done! Set up the Furnace, set up the Glory Hole(reheat chamber), set up the annealer, order glass to melt, build a bench, marver, and cart for the shop. More stuff, more things, it is never ending but MiniMolli pushed me harder as I got closer.

Then on the Second Annual Pumpkin Patch Party at the house we fired that baby up! I had my own shop...that was much to party over and party we did.

From that point on it was magic time. I could blow glass any time I wanted. It was my shop. It was my time. It was my problem.... equipment problems that is. Learning how to rebuild everything I had because it breaks. Over and over again. Learning to do things without a partner in the shop. Solo is harder than it looks but just as rewarding. Skills improved at a really fast pace once I could do it 3 and 4 times a week. I was in heaven.

2 years after I built my own shop I started to take some chances. This leads to now.

Today I got news that I was picked to be in the Gulf Coast Arts Festival as a glass artist.

I know this is not a big deal to a lot of people that make a living doing this. This to me is anouther stepping stone. Something when you started out you marked on your list way way up toward the top of things you strive for. Goal reached and I feel like something has been realized.

So now it all starts over again. I need to get crack'n and get ready for the event along with the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Patch Party a month before it. I am excited and stressed all at the same time but would not have it any other way. I am smiling, becasue I need to make a new goal for my glass progress.

Today I no longer feel like I have a hobby. It is now progressed past that and it feels good...really good. I might have to change the name of the blog to something else because I think today...I am not new anymore.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Furnace problems!

Man I am getting tired of fixing this furnace.

Second set of elements.

Second set of DP connections.

Strange problems everywhere. I just need to really rip this thing apart and rebuild it. Fuses, wires, everything.

Life is really busy right now at work with our current load and project time lines so I really have not blown glass for about 2 months now with any kind of regularity. I am just short of renting a block of time at the Belmont to get my skills back in shape before I do the rebuild.

Maybe I will take this time to really just rip it apart and rebuild it just how I want it. More insulation, better lid....hum....not sure.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drive By post.

Furnace is back on.

Glass will be made.

Time is hard to come by.

Soon, pictures will come.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Glass Cold Beer. Plugging the Belmont Arts Center

This one is going to be a big one guys.



Event to include special musical guest ‘Wave’

(May 12, 2009) PENSACOLA, FLA- Organizers of the Belmont Arts and Cultural Center’s “Hot Glass Cold Beer” have announced the next event date for Friday, May 22 with special musical guest “Wave.” Doors open at 6 p.m. for glass blowing, pottery, glass bead making and mosaic demonstrations. Participants can make a suggested donation of $25 for non-members and $20 for members to receive a hand-blown, souvenir glass and *complimentary beverages throughout the evening. In addition donations of $15 will be accepted for Red Stripe cups. The all-ages Wave show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and admission is $5 for those not participating in the Hot Glass Cold Beer event; event participants will be admitted free to the show.

For more information, contact 429-1222.

The Belmont Arts and Cultural Center is a nonprofit center dedicated to excellence, experimentation and education in the visual, performing and literary arts, while being a working studio center for artists. Since 1999 the Belmont Arts and Cultural Center has been a part of a revitalization effort to transform the Belmont-Devilliers community into a thriving artistic, commercial and residential area. Through multidisciplinary activities the Belmont Arts and Cultural Center is able to contribute to Pensacola's art scene by offering exposure to local, regional, national and international artists, thus enhancing the culture of the Greater Pensacola area.

*All ages are invited to attend, however patrons must be 21 years of age with valid photo ID for consumption of adult beverages. Please drink responsibly.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Iftg out.

New piece dropped off at the navy air station at lunch.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Old school Flojo flips.....oh how I missed you and just this month they started making you again. I shall see you in a couple days my long lost friends.


Monday, April 27, 2009

I found this glass.

The I found this gas blog it going strong. I just let loose a couple new pieces on the world.

A huge vase and a pumpkin got thier walking papers.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Music Thursday.

The video is just a bonus. I really love this song. Hit play then pause and give it a second to get out in front of you download wise so you don't get skippy video. Enjoy.

The Presets - Girl and the Sea.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Return to Sender.

Way back when I had a contest. I was told the prizes to South Africa did not make it. I was bummed, but not as much as the people looking for them.

Well I got them back. It seems that either they did not make it into SA because of customs or they where shipped back. What is really interesting is that I had sent new replacements about a week before the Return to Sender Red stripe cups came back after a 3 month round trip.

Shrug...I now have a couple or red stripe cups that have seen more travel distance than me. I will drink to them they have been a long way from home.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

New glassblowers by the handful.

I had a whole truck full of my family show up last night at the shop. My mothers side of the family who I have not seen for at least 15 years.

What a blast as I got to set everyone down at the bench and walk them all the way into making flowers and paperweights. I have an annealer full of family glass just waiting to be shipped at this point.

I also let them into the what I am calling The Pumpkin Cave. Mini and I cleaned out what I called the Back40 before because it is where old, junky, or strange things went to wither away and die in the garage/shop. It really had a bunch of stuff back there and if I said "wow I have been looking for that" once I said it fifty times. Now that it is all nice and cleared out I have a place to stash the pumpkins as they are made. It looks like they are breeding in that little space in the back of the shop. Tribels.

I have been blowing glass pretty much non-stop for a week now and my body it letting me know it is time for a break. I will push out a couple orders tonight and shut down early...we will see how that goes...



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Glass Pumpkins - Little Brothers - ACTION!

Ok guys I know that I have been a little on the light side as of late with the blog but there are reasons. I will make them quick.

#1. I am lazy.
#2. I am tired.
#3. Furnace tooks a dump on me. 3 times in the span of 2 months.
#4. Once it got back online I have been a glass blowing machine.
#5. See #1.

Ok now that little bit is out of the way lets work our way into things that are going on. Furnace is kickin it high style out in the shop. It has been so nice for the last week or so that I have done nothing but get back into the shop. I have even been taking my days off from work and going in at night to do "off hour" work because it is so nice. To be honest off hour work is nice you get a lot more done and well no one is around to distract you so you get even more done.

Glass Pumpkins! - Yep you heard it here first. I am back to making them and I figure if I just make 2 or 3 every time that I blow glass I will have plenty when the time rolls around this year. Actually the 20 or so I have already made are looking freaking good...I mean better than some of my best ones last year. It has me stoked. I think I make much better pumpkins when I just have fun with them instead of getting all stressed out and in production mode.

What I have been doing with the glass pumpkins this year is color testing. I have been really working on my color combos and testing out all my new stuff. Really working the combos that are in a color design book I purchased to help teach myself color design. I think that it is starting to pay off this year. I got it last year at the end of the season but this year it will be a major change in my color selections and mixtures. I can wait...must blow pumpkins...must fight the pumpkin voices in my head.... I kid, I kid but it really does add a level of excitment to making them that I have never had. It is kind of like little mini-christmas mornings every morning when I open up the annealer to get a peak before work.

My little Brother Ryan is flying in at the end of the month so I need to start making plans for a second set of hands in the shop. It is not often that I get an experienced set of hands in the glass shop to pull of difficult things. One of the big things that we will be doing is going ahead and getting our dozen "HUGE PUMPKINS" out of the way. I will rent the Belmont for this little effort so that I can get some pumpkins out in the 10 to 14 inche wide range. Once I get them done I will not make anymore of them this year. We will also crank out a whole truck load of acrons again because honestly he is the best set of hands I have had in the shop for assisting with these. He just picked it up like second nature and even made a couple himself that where pretty damn snazzy.

I also have a couple ideas to add to the mix and I need his input on so we can plan for his next trip. I found out that this month Delta is offering up a special for double sky miles so while he is here I am going to try to gift him 30k in miles, which becomes 60k, so I can get him back down before Oct. and keep it easy on the wallet.

Ok, that was just a quick brain dump I hope it all made for an easy read.....


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok random post.

Ok it is raining like end of days here. I mean it has pretty much been raining non-stop for the better part of a week. One day we had over 7 inches and we got pretty much 2 or more every other day. Pensacola gets a ton of rain and to be honest it would really put any place else under water. We are lucky that our soil is very very sandy and drians like no one business. I think we even get more than Seattle by volume.

Anyway above is a picture Mini took out off the front porch the other day. We get the strangest things around here. We don't have a farm, or field, or well anything where horses could be kept for 20 miles in any direction but here they are clodhopping down our street. It would be a lie if I told you this is the strangest thing I have seen but I will save that for anouther day.

Update on the furnace! I got all the parts in and I am now pretty good at ripping this thing apart and rebuilding it. In fact it has gone down 3 times in the last 2 months. Once for an element blow out, once for a DP switch blowout, and this last time it was just bad wires that gave up the ghost. I just got done checking it about an hour ago and I am up to about 1900f. So as soon as this weather clears for a bit I am in the shop! I will post a couple of pictures of the rebuild in a couple days. It seems that I now know at about 14 months I just need to replace the elements, the dp switch, and all the wires. I think because of the moisture I expose this furnace to it ages pretty quick and it seem to just be a good idea to fix all this before it fails next time.

Mini just sent me a text so it time to go have a quick drink, relax, and kick back with some friends. I hope you guys are having as good a week as me as everything seems to finally be coming together.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Man that is going to leave a bruise!

So we got our power bill today.

578! Do you believe that man! That is a new record. Now I started to think that is the biggest that it has ever been and that is seemed a bit well, FRIGGIN HIGH!

So I started to back track to the same month this time last year. Now granted it was not as cold last year this time but still. It was approx 150 dollars less and I ran everything the same way as I did this time.

Hummm, so I started to do a little research. As it turns out Gulf Power of the last 5 years has increased the power bill by 55%(and I am being nice by rounding down). You got that? 55% in 5 years! In 2003 gas cost 1.78, today I put gas in the car is was 1.87. Someone tell me how gas went up 5% and my electrical when up 55% in the same amount of time. Honestly Gulf Power are you serious?

So I started looking into a little bit more. 4% increase here, 10% increase there, 11.3 % for the last two years...They baby stepped us into a really significant change over 5 years. Like compounding interest we did not see it just one day 5 years down the road our power bill is twice as much and I don't know about you guys but my raises don't keep up with that...not even close.

If you had and average power bill of 75 dollars in 2003 it is about 158 now...just crazy.

It hurts.

Scott - 247.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Independence for the Blind Glass Experience

I had two classes this weekend and durring the breaks needed to do computer work for the Belmont Arts Center.

First off, let me tell anyone that wants to know. Exporting 2 gig of e-mail from Outlook express to Outlook is not big deal as long as they are on the same computer. Exporting it, reimporting it, then converting it from Outlook Express on one computer, to a new computer, then into Outlook is not fun at all. Anyway that is over and reminded my why I hate desktop support.

Now to the fun!

I had a starter class of two students at the Belmont this weekend from 10 am to 1 pm. I can't tell you the students names because well they have no idea I have a blog and I don't want to expose them to my stalker like fans. You know who you are....Grandma! I see you! That and that one girl way out in Hawaii, I see you also! Although you might be a dude, not that there is anything wrong with that. Seriously crush away is does wonders for my bruised ego. Anyway, they did great and just being two students they really had the chance to get a lot fo stuff done in a short period of time. Paperwieghts, Flowers, Cups...it was nice and they had a great time. I think they will be back.

Now onto the Independence for the Blind Glass Experience. We had 7 teens with vision problems. Each of them had different issues ranging from not being able to see at all, only in one eye, to just a bit of depth perception problems. Either way it did not matter these guys jumped in with no fear what so ever and knocked it right out of the park. Every single one of them really just made my day. I honestly think that I may have been a good teacher based only on the fact that it had to be one of the most reward experiences I have had in a long time. I really look forward to doing it again.

Scott - 448.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Move it!

The sick is not holding. Better hold on this is going to be a bumpy ride moving forward.

Things are about to start changing.

Scott - 252.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So tired of being sick.

This year is one for the record books. I got a sniffle, that rolled into a full blown Ebola like nastiness right around Turkey Day. I honestly believe that my father gave me this evil airborne life destroying virus. The trip up to my grandparents he was hacking and popping cough drops like candy. Apparently it works on a sliding scale. Anyone over the age of 40 it gives a handicap on getting over it because he was fine and well in a 4 days, me I have held onto this god forsaken death cough for 3 months. I am pretty sure that I have put on muscle due to the amount of hacking I have done. I have the lungs of a 20 year old now you should see me flex!

Anyway, this stuff really really really is getting old. I get over it just long enough to get it again. To be honest I have had at least 4 different colds this year. Each one has been a little bit different and attacked my system in different ways. None of which was any less miserable.

The Drippier:

Starts with a runny nose, then it clots up all breathing passages in the nasal region. Pressure builds up in your head the tune of around 40psi to the point the walking around feels like a 4 year old is hitting you in the head with a rubber mallet while riding on your shoulders. Transforms into a slow crawl/slide of funk into your lungs where it hides like Osama in a cave doing recon attacks on your throat. 3 sneezes on the 5 sneeze scale of nasty.

The Crud:

It hits you fast like Roy Jones Jr. without the foot work. All orifices are clogged. Nasal, throat, lungs. Filled with green phlegm. You actually feel like you are nothing but a factory for this bug and your only job is to stay upright and spread the evil minions of crud to everyone around you. This one renders you helpless and the only, I repeat only way to get any kind of reduction of pain is to sit at the bottom of your shower with the hot water on until you disgorge enough crud to pull in some life giving oxygen. 4 sneezes on the 5 sneeze scale of nasty.

The Drive by:

Now of everything here this is kind of like playing a game. This little jewel is just as evil but is over so quick your not sure you had it. Also it only lands on you on a Friday, never a workday outing for this junk. It hits you hard and is gone. Leaving you limp and withered but functional in 3 days. Maybe my system was so battle hardened from the Crud and Dripper that it dispatched this with nary a nose bleed. What a cold should have been but never was for me. 1 sneeze and 1 sneeze only!

Green Death or The Plague:

The ring leader. The king. The Captain of colds. Whatever name you put on this one it will line up to fill the shoes. It is the king of all colds, the lothario of the lungs, the Terminator of the Trachea, It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. It starts with a little itch on the back of the throat. Just enough that you think "Hum, did I scratch my throat" but not enough that you think "I am about to die!". That is how it settles in, sneaky, evil, without remorse.

From there is quietly goes about disabling your system. Unlike the Crud, Dripper, or Drive by it does not give you a heads up. It lays dormant and lays siege to your immune system. Placing its troops behind enemy lines your throat is a little scratchier but all other scouts are fine. No runny nose, no aches, no fever, no lymph node issues. Just that damn itchy throat...you must have scratched it. A day goes by and still that damn itch...but you feel fine as it waits for Friday knowing you will go out.

Sitting in the corners of you body in ambush mode it waits. Holed up in your sinus, lungs, throat, and head. Plague Commandos of pain with every biological weapon known to virus at their evil little Ribo-Nucleic Acid hearts. They wait for the perfect opening early in the morning after a good night out as you wear yourself down after a long week. The opening shot is fired and you feel your energy plummet like someone turned off the power generator at the Death Star, you might even hear that "BOOOOOOoowwwwoooooo!" sounds as it is dialed down. As you craw in bed thinking you’re just tired you turn up to air in the house to cool you down for a nice polar bear sleep session. You can't hear it us the Plague cheers as the temp drops; your body core cools down and the virus turns up the heat! You wake up 4 hours later and that child is banging away with a ball pin hammer now and as you sit up you actually feel your brains slosh in its own fluids. Slamming your frontal lobe into you skull you wince as everything on earth is in slow motion. Your ears feel like someone filled them with quick drying glue, you nasal passages have to have cement in them simply because there is no other way to describe it, and you would swear that a 12 year old bully from the 5 grade is literally sitting on your chest.

Drugs...lots of drugs are given, taken, drank, swallowed, and rubbed. You are now in the care of the only person that will even be around you in this state. That one person is in the same breathe loved and hated because you are miserable. You know they are your only hope to survive but they are the only one you can lash out at because you can't even move without unleashing a wave of pain. You now enter what I like to call the "waking coma". You have so much cold meds in you now that you become a living zombie with nothing else to do but be a battle ground for the war inside your own body. Virus vs. white blood cell, phlegm vs. cough, snot vs. sneeze....the war is on!

You wake after 3 days, battered, bruise and beaten. You wonder the house like a Ric Romero extra looking for brains. Digging up food stuffs that have been in the house for 3 years that sound pretty good seeing how you can't smell or taste them. Your effort to move is rewarded with debilitating exhaustion. You fall back into a drug induced coma with lipton chicken noodles drided to your cheek. You sleep alone because you have scared the native population away.

5 days out people from work start to wonder if you are alive. Your up and about now, but it is just a lie. You watch tv, but the only thing you remember is SHAM WOW with microban technology! after 5 hours awake. Sleeping is your life.

Day 6, you think about going back to work about the time that your feel your left lung decide it is no longer worth going on. You start to sound like a creaky door as you breathe.

Day 7 and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your nasal passages are now open for trade. You throat is scorched earth, but passable and that damn itch is finally gone. On the other hand you feel like you have a family of sea slugs living in your lungs. They twich every now and then which causes you to cough like a 80 year old life time smoker.

Day 8...The Great Purge!

Hazmat suits have been worn by your wife/husband as they start to see the things that come out of you that Science can't identify. What was once green has change to a nice shade of bright orange. Orange, really? What the hell is going on in there? Am I going to die? Then by mid-day your back to green and expelling things that you can't even look at anymore. You body has turned the tide and is getting the job done.

Day 9 - Don't go out.

This is where I mess up. I feel great for the first time in a week and 1/2. Don't do what I do which is think I am over it and start to get my groove back on. Not a good idea because the Plague likes to hide little reserve units in your lungs just in case you tie one on or work late. WAMo right back to day 2. Sit it out, give it another 3 days for the body to really get in there and dig old Osama BenVirus out of your system or he will just get you again.

Day 12 -

Resume normal operations, keep an eye out for the a Drive by. 5 out of 5!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

So it kicked my butt.

Well that layoff over the holidays kicked my butt. I never really realised how much of a workout blowing glass is. I put in about 4 days over a 6 day period and it really put me in the hurt house. After the last two days back to back a cold/flu/you just wore yourself out thing jumped me mid day and sent me running for the comfort of my bed to get some rest.

I took about a 4 hour nap, woke up, ate, watched Lost and went back to bed. I feel better today but still a bit under the weather. I figure by tomorrow if I get a good sleep in tonight I will be right as rain. I hope. I have a plan for Hot Glass Cold Beer night at the Belmont Arts Center.

I am going to use my star optic mold from my shop to make a rather large spun out bowl. I plan to have my assistant bring me bits to run the length of the star arms to make the bowl really spin out into a sort of starfish like deal. I think I might even go so far as to put a lip wrap on it. Because I am just flat out crazy like that....crazy....CRAZY!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Blast from the past.

A fellow glassblower sent me a reminder of why I blow glass. As it happens I wrote it years ago to answer someones question about why I blow glass even if it does not make a bunch of money. Here was apparently what I had to say and I think it still rings true for me. Funny how your own words sound strange to you when they bounce back to your ears years later.

Why I do it.

The second I walk into the glass shop everything kind of stops running around in my head. How am I going to get this router and firewall to do this, this VIOP product to nanu nanu with that one, why is the ADS server giving me the finger....etc..etc..

It vanishes in the blink of an eye, and all I have to do to calm down is pull out my first gather, take it to the marver and roll away all of the weeks stress as I blow my worries into the end of a pipe and cap them off. Trapped in that little glass bit on the end of the pipe are the worries of my week, trapped in a prison of glass. My partner in crime at the glass shop shows up all smiles, happy to be there. We banter about kids, and work, and music...all while making a couple of things that don't really matter. I take it all back, they do matter because they are like little pieces of stress that I have pulled out of my soul and stuck in the glass. Each piece of glass at my house represents a moment when I was free of the world and its worries. They serve to remind me to go back, be creative, try something new, and not worry about if it is right or wrong. Someone will love whatever I pull out of that annealer. Someone will enjoy that piece of glass even if I hate it, you know why because everyone has different tastes. I smile every time someone buys a piece of my work as I watch my stress kill itself by funding its own demise.

Glass is my release. The luxury of not having to make a living off it might be the reason. As far as art or craft, everything is art for me. You have to be skilled to be a craftsman, anyone can crank out art and I am a prime example of that theory.



Monday, February 2, 2009

Ready, set, wait.

So I finally got a set of elements put into the furnace. I ran them up to 1600f for a couple of hours to sort them out a bit. It also helps to put a black oxidized coat on the elements that "they say" helps them last longer. The set I got from Duralite seems to be more robust than the original set of elements that came with the furnace. We will see how they last. When I left this morning it was at 1000f on the way up to 2125f which is the temp that I will start to charge the furnace. Should hit that sometime tomorrow around 6pm.

For those of you that want to know how to ramp up and ramp down a furnace without cracking the pot/killing it here is the skinny. In the most simple terms possible:

From room temp to 700f you ramp it up 50f per hour.

Then from 700f to 1400f you ramp it at 25f per hour. This is the critical point that glass goes though crystalization and will either expand or contract depending on if you are cooling or heating it. This is what puts that stress on the pot.

From 1400f to 2150f I ramp at 50f per hour again but once you clear 1600f you can just ramp up at full speed. At this point the glass is pretty much melted and your pot is hot enough to not care.

So looks like I will be dumping glass in the pot on Tuesday, have a melt by Wed. if I am lucky and I can crank out some work.

Light fixtures
Large Paperweight type things for business here in town

Busy bee....need to switch into a couple other projects as well....but those will come later.

Hope you guys had a great weekend.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ok, want to win something cool?

Jewels is having a contest and she is always first in cue to pile up on one of mine. It is about time I had a chance to win something that she makes! This is contest for some of her jewelry so swing over and come up with a cool name for her latest line of goodies.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, so a friend of mine and I where recently talking about how I think that music is becoming homogenized. That most of it really just starts to kind of all sound the same. I will not get into Nickelback here because honestly I don't care about them but that is a good example. You could say the same thing about Aerosmith as well. Both bands songs kind of sound recycled a bit to me but still are fun to listen to and they have done more than most people ever get done so good for them. Although this a good example it was not really way I was talking about and my friend knew it. So I went looking to prove my point and stumbled onto this. It just blows your mind a bit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gettin Knitty around here.

MiniMolli has been a busy bee knitting up some of the stores around town. Her stuff sells really well in a couple of the higher end stores that lean toward the younger to my age women and she knits contemporary stuff. She has just posted a couple of things up at Etsy to give the whole online thing run.

I love the single button scarfs that she knits and they are a big seller. She can't keep the bennies around for anything. Anyway, stop on by and take a look at the stuff she has up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just a quick drive by posting here. Work is not letting up anytime soon so I am hip deep in it. No worries it is all going just fine it is just well, work. Once I catch up things will get back to normal.

It has been a good thing that the furnace has been offline because I think it would have just been sitting there doing nothing sucking up money. I just have not had any time to give to glass as of late.

I never got in touch with the Aim Kiln people they seem to have their phone up someone arse. They never answer it, ever. They also have had a message full voicemail on it for the last two years. I mean come on guys do you want my money or not? I had to break down and order them at a higher cost from Duralite Elements. Let me tell you something they might cost more but they are nice, answer the phone, and ship the order out before they even bill you. I should have my elements here the first of next week and be hot around Friday just in time for the weekend. So we are gearing up for a gear up to gear up if you gear what I am saying.

Here is what Kiln/Furnace Wire Elements look like.

I figure by that time I will have the two big things on my plate off my plate at work. I will have the pressing social things out of the way and be on my way to making some lighting fixtures. All HAIL THE LIGHTING FIXTURES! Ok after I get 20 custom made cups out...priorities you know.



Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok going to be off the radar.

Ok going to be off the radar a bit. My furnace it currently powered down for element replacement and the guys can't seem to get thier collective game together enough to send me the elements. I needed the break honestly.

Work is going into high gear as I have two projects that need my attention for the next week or so. It is not a big deal but it needs to get my full attention so I can get it off my list. Plus once they are done I am pretty much home free for a bit.

Lets see if I make it a whole week without posting....I give myself 3 days.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Glass Bongs and Dildos

Ok people enough with the requests for bongs and dildos. I get it. You need them. I need you to understand that I don't make them.

Maybe one day I will need money so bad that I would not mind being called "The Dildo Maker" but that time is not now or in the near to distance future.

You horny devils....godness how did you perverts get my e-mail address anyway. There are plenty of places to get this stuff you don't need me to make them.

Man...sorry it was the third request this week and it had specs!

Update: Ok I take it back, everything above is false. They are 500 bucks each. Start sending me the orders, you get to pick a color I get to pick everything else. Lets see how bad you really want them.

Update2: Apparenty you people don't know a joke....or I had no idea what things sold for....just wow....I honestly don't make this stuff....man can't even joke around these parts anymore.