Friday, December 5, 2008

Well knock me over with a feather

It is clear you guys don't care for information posts. Fine. I guess I am done trying to teach the masses about molds I can't understand why this did not spark a heated comment thread longer than my cnotest. Who would not be interested in lathe turned wood one I say no one!

Ok so it was not the most intersting topic to comment about I will give you that. What could you say "Hey nice wood!" or "You spin me round right baby right round like a wood mold baby right round right round". I will say that walking into the glass shop has caused more than one person to say "Man this place would make a great movie set, these things look like they hurt." as they hold up a pair of diamonshears and a set of jacks. Wow that was a serios ADD moment right there those two things had nothing in common.....I blame the red bull and the Sudafed.

Anyway, so I am fighting this cold/nose thing that is killing me. I have two shows this weekend, a glass blower from out of town meeting me at one, and I am 1/2 sick. Not that kind where you just want to curl up and die, more like the one where you want to curl up and drink hot toddies and eat oreos all day while Norweigan girls fan you with wild palm fronds. Not that I don't think that would be grand all the time just more grand right now because I am a big baby when I am sick.

Ok enough of that, I have glass to pick up, a bank run, stuff to pack, and a wife to take to happy hour...she is Norweigan by the way. **GRIN** My long term plan was set in motion years ago now I just need the palm fronds!


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The Phosgene Kid said...

Sorry I missed the mold post, been out of touch. Something about molten glass and wood just doesn't seem like a good mix.

Hope your cold is better!!