Monday, December 8, 2008

Two shows one weekend.

Ok so this weekend was the Belmont Arts Bizarrererzerearez! They like to spell it "Different". It honestly is wrong both ways and they do it for a reason. I think mostly to make me crazy.

I also did a north hill home tour that had a cool like "Artist Village" kind of deal. It was pretty cool and was a surprise for most people. I think next year that sales will be better as people realize there is going to be a vendor area to the tour.

It was very draining, I am worn out. Pack it up, pack it it, pack it up, pack it in, take it here take it there. I am 1/2 sick still and this did not help much. Mini is such a trooper I can't even start to say thank you to her. It went pretty good in this kind of market you can't really get to optimistic unless you have something that is ground breaking. I did however learn which ornaments sell that best and will start to widdle down my production of them for next year.

Going to take a nice long break from shows now and just have some fun with the glass. Ryan should be in town soon and we can just have some fun at the shop. Maybe make a couple mini acrons or something.

I do have a bunch of orders to do but they are fun when you don't have a show hanging over your so it is all down hill for the rest of the year. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Next up is the Zeus Tumbler project. I think I will really try to post about this one with more pictures. CorkChop will be in the loop on this one as well.



Anonymous said...

Zeus Tumbler :) Whazat?

Larry C

Gnat of Glass said...

Custom job for a friend. More to come on "operation zeus tumber". Sounds like juice tumber...haha.

angel said...

sheesh, the shows do sound exhausting!
have you ever thought of making a glass strawberry? just curious... they're my favourite fruit. and how bout a glass cupcake? or a glass dragon (which is the one thing missing from my dragon collection and something i cannot find anywhere)?