Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Year.

Anyone else feel like they have not been able to catch up this year. I constantly feel like I am chasing something. This year has been about catching up for me. I felt over committed, over stretched, and often times overwhelmed.

I need a break to just sit back and catch up. I believe that was going to be over Christmas. Not so. If for no other reason other than catching the funk twice and never quite getting over it until today...sort of. I am still not over it just not funky. I am 1/2 normal, which is 1/3 as normal as a most people I know or 1/8 as normal as the normal population of normalville.

I have two huge things to get done at work and then I am taking some kind of break somewhere, somehow, shometime in the near future.


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G3T Films said...

Hope you do indeed have a Happy New Year Man... that somewhere, somehow, shometime involves a surfboard.