Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Avalanche

Well for those of you that don't see me day to day I have been on a trip. Hence the lack of posts. I recently made a road trip up to see all my grand parents and extended family in the Indiana and Illinios area. Let me tell you 15 hours in truck is no laughing matter...ok it is if you have a little gas but other than that is pretty tuff. Mini had the worst of it being the one that got thrown in the back with the luggage being so small as to actually be able to fit in such a small space. I actually think I saw her get thrown from one side of the truck to the other durring a fast lane change. Ok that made me giggle as well.

Anyway, all the trips and such have put a cramp on my glass blowing efforts. Granted I cranked out of 100 ornaments for the two shows that I need to do this weekend but somehow I still feel that I am short. I have no illusions that I will sell all 100 of them I just tend to want to make more of everything so I don't get caught short.

I ordered a ton of glass yesterday. I am not saying I ordered a lot of glass I am saying that I ordered an actual TON of glass. As in 2000 pounds of the stuff. It should be here on Thursday and I should be good for my base glass needs for about the next year. I also have a top secret project with CorkChop that needed some attention so that it could be done in a timely manner. I must say I am actually looking forward to doing that project because it gives me a reason to get old Corky in the shop and teach him how to be a good assistant. Maybe it will rub off on him and he will want more time in the shop. I will even force him into making some stuff he would normally shy away from. Maybe one day you will see a CorkChop original here.

What else....ahh yes. The equipment was all turned down before I left and I got to inspect the pot and furnace after a full year in service. Pretty darn solid I must say. Think if everything goes well it should yield at least one more year. I was surprised at the lack of glass that missed the pot as I had expected to see some of it running down the side and eating at the bottom of the furnace. Apparently my fear of it doing just that has worked out for me as there was very little in the way of drippage. So everything is in a slow ramp up to temp, the base glass in on the way, new color is on the way, my molds came in for the project, and every is good. Life is working out pretty well right now.



Anonymous said...

Scott, good to hear about the health of the equipment. Nice when things work out well, huh? This year I have two consignment orders of 60 ornaments each. 1 has been delivered and the show opens friday night and the other has to be dropped off today. It is a good feeling to complete these orders :)

Larry C

TomatoSurfer said...

Teach Corky to be a good assistant...haha!

Jewels said...

I totally can relate to the making more pieces so you're not caught short business end of things. I'm getting ready for a Posh Party tomorrow night, and I just can't stop making more pieces, 'cause I'm afraid I won't have enough... Even though I KNOW I won't sell every single piece... :/

And poor Mini, she got tossed in the back of the packed truck and had to travel 15 hours with a gassy man???? Oh, poor, poor MM!

G3T Films said...

A ton of glass... impressive!

What are the molds made out of? I'd be seriously interested to know.

Gnat of Glass said...


Cherry wood that is turned on a lathe.

The ones that I am using right now for the special project are called spinning or turning molds because you twist the pipe as you blow. They give you the started shape and speeds the process of making tumbers, pendants, vases, well pretty much anything that is symetrical and does not have overhangs.

I will have a post up soon as the project progresses.


angel said...

exactly what does a ton of glass look like?