Monday, November 10, 2008

Shipping prizes today.

So I have everyones addy and I plan to pack and ship all the prizes today when I get home while the equipment is heating up.

It also seems that the Etsy store is taking off as I have sold I believe it is 4 things off the Etsy site. I think that is enough to say that it is a workable way to sell some of my stuff. We plan to start adding more things as we get pictures of them.

Neil and I rebuilt the pnumatic door at the Belmont Arts Center this weekend just in time to host all the artist from the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival. Which was a smashing success for the Belmont to raise needed funds to stay open.

Ok, that is it...back to work or I will never get out of here in time to pack and ship!




ray said...

Congats on the Etsy success and THANX to you and Neil for spending hours tearing up and rebuilding that glory hole door.

The Java Junkie said...

I wish you continued success with your glass art - it is soooo lovely!

angel said...

i LOVE the etsy site, i can't wait to be able to order me something (i'm getting rid of my debt currently, LOL).