Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pre-contest pictures...of the albino white pumpkin.

I made a bunch of these Albino White Pumpkins this year and they where a big hit. This one is a custom order and that is why it is not for sale at my Etsy Store. You know me I will make more.

Ok this is just a post so the person that wanted one could see it. I admit it! Contest is coming today!
As a side note I will be teaching a starter class at the Belmont Art Center tonight. Watch out I am about to start and glass blowing army...I kid...sort of.


snowelf said...

Scott--it looks awesome!


Sloth said...

Rules of the Glass Army:
1. Gaffer is allways right
2. Back talk the Gaffer he will burn you
3. Take Gaffers tools off bench and he will burn you
4. If the Gaffer is wrong he is still right
5. If Gaffer is not around listen to little brother.


Anonymous said...

Nice rib spacing and profile. Mind if I ask whos optic mold this was made from?

Larry C

Damsel Underdressed said...


Eternally Curious said...

OMG! Fantabulous!

angel said...

its incredible scott... truly exquisite!