Monday, October 6, 2008

Phase 1 of Pumpkin Patach complete, Phase 2 starting soon.

The 2nd Annual Pensacola Glass Pumpkin Patch is over. It was an great success! We had such a wonderful group of people show up and support my ever addicting habit. I would also like to thank every one of my friends that came to support me. Fred was holding down the bar so well I think that I have found his retirement plan. Kelly, Lisa, and Jenny where the Pumpkin Princesses checking everyone out and honestly have no idea how they handled that many people with such grace. Kendal was behind the bar with Fred schooling him on how to open a beer with a surfboard leash, who even knew you could do that?

Most of all Molli and my Brother Ryan. Without them this would not have happened in the scope that it did. I can't even go into how much they helped. It was as much their Pumpkin Patch as mine. In fact I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out the exactly how I am going to thank them.

The party actually went off without a hitch this year and I am sad and happy at the same time. I am gearing up to make a set of online pumpkin for sale here, etsy, and maybe e-bay. Have not figured out exactly how I am going to do it just yet but it is in the works. So hold on, they are coming!




Ray said...


It was spectacular, I just wish my wife Kim could have come. What was the final pumpkin count? It must have been somewhere in the zillions.

And there were at least as many oohs and aahs in the crowd.

Rick and I got our exercise for the day by having to park a mile away from your place because of the massive turnout. Are the neighbors still talking to you?

Sloth said...


No thanks required we are family and that is what family does!!! I just can not wait till it is our shop and everyone says "The Novota brothers are at it again" That made me laugh at the bellmont when that was said. For some reason it made me very proud that you have made such and impression on people with what you have done. I only hope that when I get there that it just gets bigger and better as time goes on. I have only been back in California for a day and wishing I was in Florida. But man did I come back to some nice weather here. About 65 degrees during the day and 35 at night right now and you can not beat it. Is like I left one great place for another except for no family. Slam it out and get the remainder of the pumpkins out the door put them on the net or find a fall festival to sell them.