Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glass Pumpkins

Someone asked me today if there was still going to be a market for my glass pumpkins next year. I kind of figured that was and interesting question. I often wonder if I am going to saturate my local market to the point that my glass pumpkins will need to venture way from home to live a fruitful life of luxury on top of a table in some far away land. I did not know how to answer them so I asked the people that buy my pumpkins.

The answer seems to be two fold. First off they had told me they like to buy at least one every year, they are collecting them at this point. Which I find to be very cool. Second, and more interesting is that they give them away as gifts at Christmas. Which is awesome! Third and even more interesting in the glass pumpkin debate is that friends and family kind of borrow them. I have one friend that told me she does not have a single pumpkin out of 8 the she has purchased over the last 3 years. They either are given away as presents, taken by family, or GASP! resold. That last one caught me off guard.

Apparently there is a secondary market for my pumpkins. I have no idea if they made a profit as I was a little stuned by the admission they they resold them. Now I have to know.....Black Market Pumpkins(BMPs)...has a nice ring to it.



Anonymous said...

hi scott.
i've been meaning to add my congrats on an awesome display of glass saturday. the number of pumpkins was amazing and the sight of all the "goodies" all over the place, flowerbeds, etc was really nice.

i would think that there would be a market for the first two reasons you mentioned. i had told ray as we were taking the long hike from the closest parking we could find, that i had started a collection and wanted to add to it. i also picked up one for a gift, but that one didn't make it to christmas. it's currently sitting with a couple of older siblings from last year in a holloween display.

i would venture a guess that the annual party will become a much anticipated event that friends and family will look forward to. and, who knows what other ideas will come to mind to take part in the future events - like the acorns this year. i'd say strong street studio is off to a great start!


G3T Films said...

Congrats to all your Strong Streeters on having a good Pumpkin party. That's no small feat.

I look forward to your online store. Unless there's a BMP out there somewhere? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

This year was my first Pumpkin Party and I knew the instant that I saw them that I would be a collector and giver of pumpkins for years to come. Thank you for creating such beautiful objects.
A New Neighbor.