Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gearing up!

Ok so we are gearing for the Glass Pumpkin Party! Pieces are starting to fall into place and about the only thing that is really giving me a hard time right now is my grass. It looks like someone forgot to water it and I have no idea who that would be.

Other than that everything right now is going pretty good. The garage door got replaced with swinging barn doors with windows. Very cool I might add. The acrons are looking really smart. Got my display supplies in place to be built on Thursday. Plenty of pumpkins! The only thing that Ryan and I have left to make is a handfull of the Christmas stuff that people where asking for last year.

Having my brother Ryan here this year to help has really taken a lot of the stress out of it this year. Not only do I have anouther set of experienced glass blowing hands helping me he is also making his own to sell. His pumpkins look different than mine because he learned to blow glass in a different shop, with different people, so his pumpkins have a different approach. I personally think that they are pretty damn cool. He calls them bird nest pumpkins and when you see one you would understand why he calls them that. I am going to try to give him some time tonight to really get a good number of them out so that he has a good showing at the party.

Only 3 more days and the clock she is ticking.....


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