Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Pumpkin Brothers, Pensacola Addition.

Well right out of the gate Ryan has improved the pumpkin march. I would say on the safe side having and extra set of hands doubles the number of pumpkins I can make in a night. Which sounds about right, I mean you do have two people making them now...sort of.

What is really interesting is that I am running out of annealer space. We had a nice little talk about this and have come to the conclusion that the first thing that we need to replace is going to be the annealer, then the furnace. Again these are way out in the future but when your running out of space you just need more space. I honestly think it would be fun to build and annealer and I am sure Ryan will stump up and help if he is around also.

I would also like to say that the mandarin orange the Ryan brought from Cali is so so so much better than the soft orange I have been using for years. It is just oh so pretty. It looks like candy. He pretty much save the day on the orange because I was saving making all the orange pumpkins until he got here, then I looked around and had no orange. Who forgets to order orange color when you need to make glass pumpkins. Yes that would be yours truely....I was just so wrapped up making other colors I missed that fact that I had no orange. No worries Ryan put the cape on and hit CRLoo before he came home to help.

Tonight we will finish off the orange pumpkins, and give the acrons a run. Kim if you read this you really need to drop by and bring a 6 pack of red stripe. It feels wrong making all these pumpkins without your laughing and your Kung-Fu kicks being part of the process. In fact we will be out back every night that it is not raining so bring it. Ok Friday night we are at the Belmont but that does not count.

Ok I will try to get MiniMolli to take some picutres if she gets time between working, cleaning, weeding, fretting, ordering, painting, dusting, moving stuff, looking at me like I am a crazy person that never needs anouther red bull again, and sleeping. I think in pretty much that order. She is the crazyone! She is kind of like a superhero and she changes into super cleaner must make every change I wanted for the last 6 months in one week person before these is scary. Somehow she always pulls it off. I have not quite firgured out how she does it.



G3T Films said...

No orange? Hahahaha... *shakes head* Gnat, gnat, gnat...

Sounds like you're all having a great, if not busy, time. Keep at it!

After hearing about so many of your piece destroyed by annealers I don't blame you for wanting to replace it.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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