Monday, September 29, 2008

Glass Acorns, it's not all about the Glass Pumpkins.

Ryan and I are in a solid groove at this point. It is almost scary the way that we don't even really talk anymore until the piece is done. The Acorns still take the most time of anything that I have ever done. It really has become about process and nailing each of the steps that I had mapped out. Ryan and I have added a step that puts a nice final touch on the piece but it took us destroying 3 acrons to get it down.

We are pretty much done making pumpkins at this point and have been full on into the Acorns. We will hit it hard again tonight and start to make Christmas stuff and we also have some custom orders that we need to get done as well. All in all we are cooking right along and also putting in a good amount of time at the Belmont to get them going.

There is just so much to do even when you are killing it stuff just seems to come at you like a drugged up spider monkey. Mulchers, wood workers, yard guys, gas guys, sprinklers, bug killers, cleaning, ....the is alive. Then the big


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