Monday, September 29, 2008

Glass Acorns, it's not all about the Glass Pumpkins.

Ryan and I are in a solid groove at this point. It is almost scary the way that we don't even really talk anymore until the piece is done. The Acorns still take the most time of anything that I have ever done. It really has become about process and nailing each of the steps that I had mapped out. Ryan and I have added a step that puts a nice final touch on the piece but it took us destroying 3 acrons to get it down.

We are pretty much done making pumpkins at this point and have been full on into the Acorns. We will hit it hard again tonight and start to make Christmas stuff and we also have some custom orders that we need to get done as well. All in all we are cooking right along and also putting in a good amount of time at the Belmont to get them going.

There is just so much to do even when you are killing it stuff just seems to come at you like a drugged up spider monkey. Mulchers, wood workers, yard guys, gas guys, sprinklers, bug killers, cleaning, ....the is alive. Then the big


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Pumpkin Brothers, Pensacola Addition.

Well right out of the gate Ryan has improved the pumpkin march. I would say on the safe side having and extra set of hands doubles the number of pumpkins I can make in a night. Which sounds about right, I mean you do have two people making them now...sort of.

What is really interesting is that I am running out of annealer space. We had a nice little talk about this and have come to the conclusion that the first thing that we need to replace is going to be the annealer, then the furnace. Again these are way out in the future but when your running out of space you just need more space. I honestly think it would be fun to build and annealer and I am sure Ryan will stump up and help if he is around also.

I would also like to say that the mandarin orange the Ryan brought from Cali is so so so much better than the soft orange I have been using for years. It is just oh so pretty. It looks like candy. He pretty much save the day on the orange because I was saving making all the orange pumpkins until he got here, then I looked around and had no orange. Who forgets to order orange color when you need to make glass pumpkins. Yes that would be yours truely....I was just so wrapped up making other colors I missed that fact that I had no orange. No worries Ryan put the cape on and hit CRLoo before he came home to help.

Tonight we will finish off the orange pumpkins, and give the acrons a run. Kim if you read this you really need to drop by and bring a 6 pack of red stripe. It feels wrong making all these pumpkins without your laughing and your Kung-Fu kicks being part of the process. In fact we will be out back every night that it is not raining so bring it. Ok Friday night we are at the Belmont but that does not count.

Ok I will try to get MiniMolli to take some picutres if she gets time between working, cleaning, weeding, fretting, ordering, painting, dusting, moving stuff, looking at me like I am a crazy person that never needs anouther red bull again, and sleeping. I think in pretty much that order. She is the crazyone! She is kind of like a superhero and she changes into super cleaner must make every change I wanted for the last 6 months in one week person before these is scary. Somehow she always pulls it off. I have not quite firgured out how she does it.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Second Annual Pensacola Glass Pumpkin Patch is getting big!

Ok so this year is out of control! I am pretty sure last night that I hit 350 on the pumpkins. This year the pumpkins are so much better than anything else I have ever made. I guess when you make 350 of something all by yourself you tend to get good at it.

People that live around me have had to deal with ALO and The Bravery blasting out of my Ipod dock speakers for the last 4 months pretty much non-stop. The guys over the fence to the left of me call me "The Mad Blower" and my buddy Pete, that lives across the street, calls me the "The Pumpkin King". I think I will go with "The Mad Pumpkin King" which has a nice ring to it. Then again I could just go with what my uncle Chuck calls me but that is not fit to type.

Last night I had a moment when inspiration and luck hit a the same time. I finally figured out how to do something I have been working on for about two weeks now. It was such a wonderful pumpkin I quit making them after I put it in the annealer. I actually took the time to write down the steps so I would not forget them. I never do that, I trust my memory but when you make 40 pumpkins 40 different ways and it finally works you might need to take a moment to scrible down what it is you did. MiniMolli was not as impressed with it this morning because she has no idea how long I have been trying to create this kind of pumpkin. I have come close many times but never hit it just right. All she said was "humm...that is nice". NICE! it is wonderful woman bask in my greatness and fan yourself. I kid, it was nice...nice and great but after all it was just a pumpkin...a great pumpkin!

My brother Ryan comes in from Cali today so I will have some 4 year experienced glass blowing hands to help me make my acorns. Kim and Ryan are about the only people that can help me make them because honestly you have to be able to control the glass in a way that only experience gives you. I hope to get about 10 acrons out for the party. They are one of the hardest things to make and I enjoy making them but I only have about a 50% success rate on the good side. I think we will also try to make one really HUGE stinking pumpkin up at the Belmont now that they are online as of tomorrow.

What else? I guess that is it for now.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Slayer of pumpkins! Hit 300 last night...they are like tribbles in the garage at this point.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd Annual Glass Pumpkin Patch is almost here!

Since Scott has been so busy I thought I'd post the invitation to our 2nd annual Pumpkin Patch Party! The ivitations are in, addressed and ready to go out. The party is definately not invitation only so if you're in the area please drop by!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off the reservation.

I am completely swamped. I am swamped at every corner, turn, bend, and flex point. Hurricanes, Work, Travel, Certifications, Pumpkin Parties, Security issues, networks going down for no reason. On a scale of 1 to 10 and am rubbing up on a 9.5 - Hit 10 once, I ended up passed out on the floor of UWF....anouther time for that story.

Anyway, I am AWOL for a bit while I collect myself. The furnace is ramping up to temp so I should be in glass in about 3 days. Which should be when I break loose of all the stuff that is ridding shotgun on my back right now.