Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Repair, Pumpkins and solo failures.

Ok for those of you that don't know equipment breaks. In my case the furnace is now 10 months old and pretty much being used in a way that lends to it breaking. IE> this thing was never ment to really be a glass furnace it was a pottery kiln modified to be sold as a glass furnace. Anyway I open and close the lid over and over again getting gather after gummy gather of 2150f glass. I have now broken the handle on the furnace 4 times.

Last night I fixed it again but this time I fixed it in a way that should help it live at least anouther 2 months of everyday use. I am a gimpy welder but even this one is going to hold if for no other reason than I put enough of a metal on that spot to hold a large car in place. I need to start to save for a proper furnace now that I know this whole backyard shop is going to work out.

Pumpkins are in full gear. I plan to have about twice as many as last year and I started early. If we count last night approx 95 pumpkins done. This time last year I had, wait for, nada, zilch, butcus! Last night I did about 1/2 of them solo which is a new twist for me. The problem with solo pumpkins is that they tend to be thicker to be able hold the heat so that I can work my magic in time. Glass will cool and crack and I have about 5 mistakes that either shattered, cracked, or the stems popped off because I did not work fast enough. I have the shop set up in such a way now with the correct set of steps, and if I time it just right, I can make a pumpkin solo. Takes me twice as long but hey you have to give somewhere.

This helps in two ways. The first is that I don't have to pay someone to help me which adds to my overhead, the second is that I can work without having to wait, beg, or barter someone into coming to the shop. While this is all fine and dandy I can only make one size pumpkin right now solo....can't make them all the same size you know.

Working with a team at my home shop is so much more fun anyway. I get to relax, talk, make the pumpkins every size, shape, and color under the rainbow, and enjoy myself. Kim, MiniMolli, and Ryan are going to get quite a workout over the next 2 months. Hold on guys we need to make some numbers!



Sloth said...

man if i get home pumpkin after pumpkin after pumkin is fine with me.......blowing glass the big brother is so much fun. Here there is really know one that has the skill to blow glass with me then the owner. When Scott was here not but a few weeks ago it was great seeing how he did things due to everyone does stuff just alittle different. But and i state BUT me and Scott have this weird way of just almost knowing that each other need and everyone here at the shop in Cali. are like how do you know what comes next and I really dont it is just something about the thought process that we link on and go at it. So things get done and work out I dont know how else to describe it? Hopefully I can get to Pensacola before November to hammer out a metric ass load of pumpkins with Scott the would be great. We will see.

TomatoSurfer said...

I'd love to help out, if I can come back over soon. I can be a really good "do this" boy. By the way.

GAME Freakin ON!

Anonymous said...

Scott, I pretty much work solo only these days. This may be obvious but just be sure to get the piece VERY hot before coming out of the glory and knocking it off to start the stem. I am assuming that you are not puntying them, right? Straight from the pipe to a knock off table, torch the top and indent, and add the stem? This is what I do. If I can help, PM me on CW.

Larry C

Gnat of Glass said...

It is not a problem if I make them thick. I tend to do two gather 4 1/2 inch around pumpkins which turn out to be pretty thin and light to save on my glass.

Alas, if I am working alone they then to be around 3 1/2 inches for a two gather. I have some really great looking 8 inch pumpkin. Going to go for the gold tonight and try to get 5 10x7 inchers out then fill in the wholes with mini pumpkins about 2 by 2 inches.


Anonymous said...

Small ones, maybe 2 inches around, sell very well here. Sounds good.