Thursday, August 14, 2008

morning run!

5am and kick'n it out.
This picture is not from this morning but from my visit to Cali. That is Ryan and I at Fire River Glass Studio.

I really enjoy doing the work in the morning. It is nice and cool and as strange as it might sound it gets me all geared up for the day. I feel like I have already done something and completed it. Tonight I am hitting the shop again if I can get a shelf in the annealer to double up my content.

Mini tossed me a surprise birthday party on Wed. Tuesday night. She really got me, and I pride myself and knowing what the hell is going on but they full on surprised me. What really got me is that number of people that had to keep there traps shut to pull it off. Impressive. I have enough Crown Royal to last me into the New Year and a truck load of great friends. I am truely blessed by my good friends, my winning the parents lottery, and my wonderful Mini.

I am going to have a hard time topping this.....


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