Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shut it down, Shut it down now!

That is a quote from the move Die Hard. It is in reference to turning the power grid of to the tower that the bad guys are in. I felt it was kind of like the hot shop right now as I have pretty much pulled the power plug out of everything for the next 2 weeks. Not that I am a bad guy or anything of course. Ok that really depends on who you ask. So anyway all the equipment is unplugged.

This is for two reasons.

#1. I will not be working for the next two weeks so there was no reason for mr to keep the furnaced on. There are many reasons but one of them is that it is 95 deg F, with about 98% humidity. That is just crazy to work in.

#2. After thinking about this it is really time to give the equipment a much needed tune up. It has been a solid 9 months that the equipment has been running and it is in need of some repair love. Also I need to rip out the 80 pound pot and check under it to see how my furnace is doing. Leaks, checks, cracks...etc.

It is also a great time to take stock in how everything is laid out in the shop and figure out if I should move the equipment around to different locations. I have given Mini the go ahead of toss out pretty much anything she thinks should go and that scares me a little bit. I only really ask that she not toss anything that is "glass equipment supplies" like frax, or fire bricks, but outside of that I kind of hope she goes to town.

We will just have to see.



TomatoSurfer said...

Lose the grid, or you lose your job.

The Phosgene Kid said...

time to regroup.