Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Picture day!

Ringer holders!

What I like to call the Watermellon Vase.
Tear Drops, they are about 12 inches high. You really can't tell from this picture but they are pretty darn thin. I have a thing for blue right now if you can't tell.
My Cane Tear Drop Vase.
The Family Photo Op. I really like the one of the far left. It is a very slight amber color and is so paper thin it might be about as heavy as a couple of stack of post it notes.

All of the ones in the front are my prototypes for a project I am working on. I kind of like them all having that same color but different shades. They look good together.




snowelf said...

Awesome Job Scott. I love the watermelon one!! :)


G3T Films said...

The cane one is purty!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Gorgeous! I SO have to come visit someday to see this stuff in person!