Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I found this glass, the Sac visit!

Ok so some quick pictures from Sacramento I found this glass run. Here is the piece we put out.

Here is Ryan doing his best Spider Monkey moves to put it in the fountain.

Here it is in the fountian, as you can tell someone is going to have to get wet to get it!

Here is a picture from the street.

I would like to point out again the someone has already found this one. Ryan went back on Sat. and he just missed them. In fact he was so close behind them that he saw the wet shoe prints on the parking lot.



Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Weeks.

Man two weeks went by fast. I did not want to post on here while I was gone that I was well...gone. See I have this little thing about keeping my MiniMolli safe and sound and when I am not around I tend to get protective. Not that she needs it mind you. She keeps any number of dangerous objects around the house to visit some serious pain on anyone that is uninvited, but still I worry. I can't help it.

Anyway, so I was in Cali visiting my brother and getting some training that I did not really need. Ok I needed it if for nothing more than to be able to tell the guys that ask yes I have that certificate. For those of you that want to know the latest batch of certificates I got are the A+, the Network+, and the Security+ CompTIA certs.

It is funny, these are kind of the certificates that you get when you start out. For some reason I never got them mostly because no one ever asked for them. I had a MCSE from Microsoft, a CCA from Citrix, a CCNA and CCDP from Cisco, and a couple of other things to do with SANs and F5 load balancers so I never really got into the CompTIA as events had kind of passed them by.

Well wouldn't you know it now the people I work for "require" them and really did not care about all the other stuff I had. It was kind of like finding out that you needed a certificate for knowing CPR when you have been doing open heart surgery for the last 10 years. Anyway those are done and just anouther little thing to put on the resume, even if it is way down at the bottom.

Started up the furnace again last night and should be in the hot stuff by Wed. night. Can't wait to play with glass again.

I will post some pictures of blowing glass in Cali as soon as CorkChop sends me a link to the pictures.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shut it down, Shut it down now!

That is a quote from the move Die Hard. It is in reference to turning the power grid of to the tower that the bad guys are in. I felt it was kind of like the hot shop right now as I have pretty much pulled the power plug out of everything for the next 2 weeks. Not that I am a bad guy or anything of course. Ok that really depends on who you ask. So anyway all the equipment is unplugged.

This is for two reasons.

#1. I will not be working for the next two weeks so there was no reason for mr to keep the furnaced on. There are many reasons but one of them is that it is 95 deg F, with about 98% humidity. That is just crazy to work in.

#2. After thinking about this it is really time to give the equipment a much needed tune up. It has been a solid 9 months that the equipment has been running and it is in need of some repair love. Also I need to rip out the 80 pound pot and check under it to see how my furnace is doing. Leaks, checks, cracks...etc.

It is also a great time to take stock in how everything is laid out in the shop and figure out if I should move the equipment around to different locations. I have given Mini the go ahead of toss out pretty much anything she thinks should go and that scares me a little bit. I only really ask that she not toss anything that is "glass equipment supplies" like frax, or fire bricks, but outside of that I kind of hope she goes to town.

We will just have to see.


Friday, July 11, 2008

The New 3g Iphone problems.

Ok for those of you living under a rock the new Iphones came out today. I personally will not be getting one but the one thing that interested me about the whole thing is the angery and swift change of direction people in the "Apple" camp have made.

Up until the last couple of releases of Apple software they have been hailed by anyone with anything Apple as "so much better than Microsoft" or "Stable, secure, done right", and my farvorite "Bulletproof!".

Well Apple folded under pressure today just like everyone else does on a big release. Welcome to the party pal. Try not to get to much egg on your face when you try to use that bricked new 3g Iphone.

Get used to the phase "You must connect to the Itune store to continue". Along with the other 3 millions people trying to do it at the same time.

PS. I don't have an Iphone and I give props to CorkChop for calling off his search early. He at least missed the fustration.

Monday, July 7, 2008

No time for the little stuff.

You ever get so busy that you don't have time for the little stuff? What I mean is that you go from big project to big project and the little stuff piles up and you feel like there is no end to the piles of little that you don't have the juice to attack them?

Well that is where Mini and are right now. We have large projects and big commitments all around us. We roll from one thing to the next, we even had what many would call a instant medium sized party on the spot out of the blue. Mini is quick to adjust like that, me I just go with it there is no adjustment needed.

On the other hand the little stuff just kind of hangs around pointing and laughing at you. You know those 3 large piles of dirty clothes, the dishes, the floor needs sweeping, the yard needs attention, the flowerbeds look like a weed experiment by the Darma group. You come up for air but the little stuff is yanking at your ankles. So I am making and effort to try to do one little thing everyday. I think it will make a difference...well at least I hope it will.

This moring it was doing all the dishes before I left the house for work. I know it is small but they built up in small little steps why can't you kill them in small little steps. This afternoon it will be to clean out the truck and sweep the shop before I start blowing glass. Simple, quick, little. I will call it the SQL Model of life. Do the Simple Quick Little stuff.

Either way something is getting done and it was more than before. That has to be progress.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Picture day!

Ringer holders!

What I like to call the Watermellon Vase.
Tear Drops, they are about 12 inches high. You really can't tell from this picture but they are pretty darn thin. I have a thing for blue right now if you can't tell.
My Cane Tear Drop Vase.
The Family Photo Op. I really like the one of the far left. It is a very slight amber color and is so paper thin it might be about as heavy as a couple of stack of post it notes.

All of the ones in the front are my prototypes for a project I am working on. I kind of like them all having that same color but different shades. They look good together.