Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The three amigos!

Just because I have them at hand. I have a friend that was at the shop a couple weeks back and wanted some Dark Ruby Cups/tumblers made. She was not sure on the size, shape, or basically anything outside of that she wanted them ruby red. Well that and they had to be "hand blown" and not put in a mold at any point. Ok then, here is the first try at hitting on what she wanted. I just made a short rocks glass, then a medium sized white wine top, then what I call a "Tall Boy" which hold about a double crown and coke. Or a whole diet coke with ice.

As you can tell they are plenty ruby red. Three gathers of ruby on the small one, single gather of ruby on the middle one, and 2 gathers of ruby on the tallboy.

Overhead shows the shorty rocks glass is much wider than the others.
The rocks glass is the thicker of the three at the ridges. The tallboy is the perfect thickness and the wine glass in the middle is ultra thin. It is scary thin to the point that It makes you a little twitchy letting ices fall into it from the door on the fridge. It is not going to break but it sure does make a loud enough clank to make you think about it.

More pictures later. Cheers.



G3T Films said...

Really beautiful pieces Scott. That Ruby colour is simply striking and play on the texture of the glass really well.

We have red Hungarian (my girl is Hungarian) crystal wine glasses at home which are a deeper ruby again than yours but have non of the elegance in shape that you've created. 1970s design wasn't known for its flamboyance.

javajo said...

Du-hude! Those are awesome! Think my homebrew beers would be tasty in them?

Chunk said...

Nice job. They look pretty amazing.

MiniMolli said...

Hmm, Scott maybe you're channeling your Hungarian roots with these! I'm drinking a cold glass of water in the middle one right now. Although a cold beer would probably taste a lot better, I don't think I could get away with that and try to work at the same time ;(

The Phosgene Kid said...

Great glassware! Makes me thirsty just lookin' at 'em!!

angel said...

absolutely stunning!

EXSENO said...

Those are really beautiful she crazy if she doesn't love them.