Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No worries!

Well I can say with all honestly that I broke everything that I tried to work on last night. I put in about 4 hours in the shop and every last thing poped of the punti and shattered onto the ground. Ok a ring holder made it into the annealer but that was about it.

I have been working on a new way to put color on my stuff. It is kind of one of those things that is more complex than 90% of the glass blowers in the world are willing to deal with. It is not crazy hard, it just takes a lot of steps, in the right order and any one of them will hose up the piece.

In fact I hosed up a good 5 times just trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. Then a couple more with the application of frits, bars, and powder until I got the look that I wanted. Alone it takes me about 30 minutes just to get the colors on them the way I want. I am not sure having a second set of hands would help might speed it up a bit but not much.

Then every single piece jumped off the punti. SMASH!! BOOM!!! SHATTER!! All of them, but I was able to look at them on the ground and sort out what I was doing wrong with the colors and move forward so not much was lost. That is a lie but no worries right?

So I view last night as a learning experience. I have the color scheme down pat now all I need to do is get some in the annealer instead of on the cement.



Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

I'm curious about the color applications you were talking about, maybe when you get your piece made and out of the annealer you could post pictures during and after.

Gnat of Glass said...

Well the durring is pretty much toast.

The pieces are on the floor. I guess I could take a picture of the show floor..?

I made a couple more last night but they are not the same as I took out about 3 steps just to get a couple pieces done.

I will post a couple pics once they are "dry" as my friends like to say.