Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pictures!

Ok so everyone is always asking me to make sets of drinking glasses. Here is my first try at making the same colors and same shape. Keep in mind that these are free hand and not done in a mold. Plus I am really digging the color combo here it is one of my favorites. If you look in the upper right hand corner I flipped the colors just for fun.

Here is a cool vase I made the other day before Belmont shut down. I have a whole series planned out for this kind of pattern. I just got the colors in the other day and can't wait to try this color application design with them. In the forground you can see the tops of the lamps that got cut off when I made them.
Here is the huge vase I made when the annealer put the wammy on me. For the people that have not been keeping up it overheated due to a physical malfunction. It got up to about, I am guessing here, 975 degrees before it started to cool back down. That was enough heat to start to remelt the glass. You will notice that this pieces is quite dumpy. When it was made it was very much like the picture above only with a much smaller opening at the top. It was also about twice as large. You will notice the amount of colored rings I put on this piece. That alone took Kim and I at least 40 minutes just to get the colors on it correctly.
So it got way to hot, started to slump which took it from being round to this. The bottom flattened out on the floor of the annealer, pushing the sides out, then the top part was heavier than the middle so it slumped down onto itself. The ribbon of iris orange(the green) was the thinest spot on bulged out in the middle. What you also can't really tell is that is sits at a very kattywhompus angle because it did not slump straight down but toward the heating coils. IE> it was hotter on the left side than the right. Tooooooo much heat!
Well that is it for today boys and girls.
I hope to get some time in the shop at the house this weekend if works lets go a bit.


G3T Films said...

Blue glasses, AWESOME! Slumped vase, *tear*.

javajo said...

Those glasses are just fantastic Scott. They match my counter tops....heh heh. The melted vase is a pity, but it looks like a giant acorn . Maybe you could do acorns and pumpkins this fall.

Jewels said...

I like your kattywhompus vase. I think it looks really neat, in an "accidentally artistic" sorta way.

Oh, and those glasses are divine! DIVINE! Especially the ones that are blue on the outside.