Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the Joker and the Sage

That title sounds like a rock band or the start to a novel. It is neither.... I have an interesting skill that is often offset by my humor.

I remember some really crazy crap. I mean a lot of it. Funny how I can't remember where the hell my wallet, keys, or checkbook are. Alas, it is not just stuff like how many inches are in a mile (63360), or the atmospheric pressure at mean sea level (14.7 psi), or why Beach in Pensacola is so sugar white (quartz deposit from couple million years back deposited by the Apalachicola River). No I remember truely useless stuff like movie quotes, the IRQ settings for a US robotics modem from 1987, and what a 1968 toyota land cruisers stock weight is.

People know I have a ton of useless knowledge in the back of my brain bucket so it gives me the option of playing a joke on them with stuff. It often backfires a bit in that sometimes I am trying to give them the right answer and it sounds so far fetched they think I am pulling one over on them. Cry wolf and all that.

Someone - What is the Network Time Protocol port?
Me "123"
Someone - Come on! Seriously
Me "123"
Someone - You told me that the number for the surf report was 8675309!

Someone - Who sings that song that goes kinda like da da da on such a winters day...
ME - California Dreaming by the Mamas and the papas
Someone - No way, like the time you told me that the BeeGees where the orginal voices for Alvin and the chickmuncks.

You can see I tend to error on the side of it being so out of this world that they can't help but to catch me pulling thier leg but it does not always work. Like the time I told a friend if he ate raw garlic it would cure his hangover. Then there was the time I told everyone Michael Jackson came over the house to use the bathroom. Ok Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom. He was about to. But his sister did.



MiniMolli said...

Hey, you guys promised me a snickers bar!

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I took over 600 photos while we were there this time. Sad to say most weren't that good. The lighting was off a little bit and the zoom made it difficult to be super steady but I do have a few out of over 600 that were decent (not excellent but decent) If you want I could burn them or email a few of the best to you. Just get me your email address or your mailing address and I could get some to you. It was great watching Lino and his team work! Lino is also a really nice and friendly person.

snowelf said...

The Chickmunks....

How does Molli put up with you? ;)