Monday, June 30, 2008

Good wet weekend.

Well it rained, then it rained some more. I got some time in the shop between the storms. Used up a bunch of my scrap glass I had been saving and when I fill the pot with "recycled" glass it really makes me grin a bit because that is 80 bucks I just saved. I think I am going to start calling the stuff that I make from recycled clear glass "Twice Baked Green Glass" or "TBG" for short. Maybe I should start to market the glass as recycled green glass. To be technical it is all recycled glass.

Anyway, I have kind of a little project that I am working on that I will post some pictures of a tomorrow. It is nothing big just a direction I am going with my shapes. Currently I am working on Tear Drop Vases. I don't know why they are just something that I want to perfect. I also want them drop dead thin. So thin that people that blow glass will pick them up and go "WOAHH! that is thin!". Then I will flip and make about 4 really thick ones just because.

Anyway, pictures tomorrow unless MiniMolli takes them before I get home and posts them.

To all those that come by and read and do not leave a post I see you. Hi grandma.


Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes I put Astro up first but I took it down and put Space Invaders up. Just so much more fun!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the Joker and the Sage

That title sounds like a rock band or the start to a novel. It is neither.... I have an interesting skill that is often offset by my humor.

I remember some really crazy crap. I mean a lot of it. Funny how I can't remember where the hell my wallet, keys, or checkbook are. Alas, it is not just stuff like how many inches are in a mile (63360), or the atmospheric pressure at mean sea level (14.7 psi), or why Beach in Pensacola is so sugar white (quartz deposit from couple million years back deposited by the Apalachicola River). No I remember truely useless stuff like movie quotes, the IRQ settings for a US robotics modem from 1987, and what a 1968 toyota land cruisers stock weight is.

People know I have a ton of useless knowledge in the back of my brain bucket so it gives me the option of playing a joke on them with stuff. It often backfires a bit in that sometimes I am trying to give them the right answer and it sounds so far fetched they think I am pulling one over on them. Cry wolf and all that.

Someone - What is the Network Time Protocol port?
Me "123"
Someone - Come on! Seriously
Me "123"
Someone - You told me that the number for the surf report was 8675309!

Someone - Who sings that song that goes kinda like da da da on such a winters day...
ME - California Dreaming by the Mamas and the papas
Someone - No way, like the time you told me that the BeeGees where the orginal voices for Alvin and the chickmuncks.

You can see I tend to error on the side of it being so out of this world that they can't help but to catch me pulling thier leg but it does not always work. Like the time I told a friend if he ate raw garlic it would cure his hangover. Then there was the time I told everyone Michael Jackson came over the house to use the bathroom. Ok Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom. He was about to. But his sister did.


No worries!

Well I can say with all honestly that I broke everything that I tried to work on last night. I put in about 4 hours in the shop and every last thing poped of the punti and shattered onto the ground. Ok a ring holder made it into the annealer but that was about it.

I have been working on a new way to put color on my stuff. It is kind of one of those things that is more complex than 90% of the glass blowers in the world are willing to deal with. It is not crazy hard, it just takes a lot of steps, in the right order and any one of them will hose up the piece.

In fact I hosed up a good 5 times just trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. Then a couple more with the application of frits, bars, and powder until I got the look that I wanted. Alone it takes me about 30 minutes just to get the colors on them the way I want. I am not sure having a second set of hands would help might speed it up a bit but not much.

Then every single piece jumped off the punti. SMASH!! BOOM!!! SHATTER!! All of them, but I was able to look at them on the ground and sort out what I was doing wrong with the colors and move forward so not much was lost. That is a lie but no worries right?

So I view last night as a learning experience. I have the color scheme down pat now all I need to do is get some in the annealer instead of on the cement.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pictures!

Ok so everyone is always asking me to make sets of drinking glasses. Here is my first try at making the same colors and same shape. Keep in mind that these are free hand and not done in a mold. Plus I am really digging the color combo here it is one of my favorites. If you look in the upper right hand corner I flipped the colors just for fun.

Here is a cool vase I made the other day before Belmont shut down. I have a whole series planned out for this kind of pattern. I just got the colors in the other day and can't wait to try this color application design with them. In the forground you can see the tops of the lamps that got cut off when I made them.
Here is the huge vase I made when the annealer put the wammy on me. For the people that have not been keeping up it overheated due to a physical malfunction. It got up to about, I am guessing here, 975 degrees before it started to cool back down. That was enough heat to start to remelt the glass. You will notice that this pieces is quite dumpy. When it was made it was very much like the picture above only with a much smaller opening at the top. It was also about twice as large. You will notice the amount of colored rings I put on this piece. That alone took Kim and I at least 40 minutes just to get the colors on it correctly.
So it got way to hot, started to slump which took it from being round to this. The bottom flattened out on the floor of the annealer, pushing the sides out, then the top part was heavier than the middle so it slumped down onto itself. The ribbon of iris orange(the green) was the thinest spot on bulged out in the middle. What you also can't really tell is that is sits at a very kattywhompus angle because it did not slump straight down but toward the heating coils. IE> it was hotter on the left side than the right. Tooooooo much heat!
Well that is it for today boys and girls.
I hope to get some time in the shop at the house this weekend if works lets go a bit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Things I learned this week.

#1. There is a very fine line between hobby, side job, and mental illness.

#2. Don't start the weekend on Thursday if you need to work on Friday.

#3. Common sense is not that common.

#4. If you have to work in 98 degree heat with 99% humidity hire someone else to do the work.

#5. Mini is right more than wrong, I just seem to be more lucky than right.

#6. Never lick and envelope agressively you can papercut your tongue.

#7. Never drink lots tequela and eat lots jalapenos on the same night. No matter how good either of them taste.

#8. Movies at 2:45 on Friday afternoon have no kids in them. Ever.

#9. My hot water heater only has 48 minutes worth of hot water.

#10. Seriously Rich people don't care about how much something costs as long as no one else can have one but them.


#11. I would like to state that M. Night Shyamalan's new movie "The Happening" really was sad. I don't mean sad like it made me cry, because it did, but if only for the fact that it sucked 8 bucks from my wallet. It was so bad I don't even know where to start. OK I lied I do know where to start all this between each of my Load Balancers install tonight. Here we go, why "The Happening" was such a sorry movie by "ME!". Stop now if you don't want spoilers but honestly keep reading it might save you the 3 hours you will loose.

a. They are killed by...wait for it "Trees". COME ON! Trees? Honestly? As in a large oak? Yea it seems that the trees are pissed off and they are decided to release a toxin into the air. This is not be confused with pollen, you know why because you can kind of see pollen, this not so much. In fact it might as well have been Iocaine Powder. So how do they scare you with a colorless, odderless, tasteless toxin? That leads me to reason b.

b. The wind carries the toxin...oh dear lord...RUN FROM THE WIND...Every time the wind blows people die. Go know the toxin and all.

c. The Iocaine pow...Toxin it makes you "STOP HAMMER TIME!"...I kid, you just stop dead in your tracks and find the most visually graphic way to kill yourself. I mean you could just stop breathing but that does not look good on film. So you stop for like 10 seconds...then start again to turn on and a huge lawn mower, then point it up hill so that it will do a u-turn and head back toward you, then it slows down for dramatic tempo as you lay down and stretch and arm out in front of you because even tho you don't care it looks damn cool as it throws arm chunks out the front. Crap, pure crap. Yea that was a long the movie long and drawn out.

d. Ok I will wrap the crappy movie fest up rapid fire. Run from high population them there trees can count and kill people in large numbers, they get sensitive and start killing in smaller numbers, sidekick bites the dust, dumb soldier pops up, they run for the hills as group 2 kills themselves as group one "outruns" the wind. Crazy old lady head buts herself to death, they outlive the Killers tree by shear luck, the end.

Pure drivel.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Remember these?

Remember these? Can you see them back there. Yep those are the lamps I have been talking about for a couple of months now. MiniMolli finished up the shades the other day and put them in the bedroom. I think they look pretty darn good. Als If you look close Ms. Kitty by the pillows seems to be saying "Get out of here Pixie(the other cat) or I will eat you SOUL!".

Here is a second picture for no other reason than to show you the Ms. Kitty gives love to both sides of the bed. She loves them equally.
Strange that there is no cat in this close up. You can see the prototype for bud vase I am working on in the back ground as well as the spiffy felt disc thing Mini love so much about these shades.
Ok enough of this time to mow the lawn...UGH!


Belmont Arts Center - - Hot Glass Cold Beer Night

Well here is the boilerplate for tonight hot glass cold beer night. I am going to be working with some of the other renters to do....drum roll.....I have no clue.

I will assume that we will make some spun out bowls because those are always cool to watch. Maybe I can talk them into making some cane which is kind of cool to see done. Either way it is going to be HOT!


June 06, 2008
4/11/2008: Hot Glass / Cold BeerFriday - June 6, 20085 - 9 pm9pm - live music!This popular event will feature our signature glass cups for you to keep, eats!, glass blowing demonstrations, glass bead demonstrations, pottery (come get your hands dirty), glass mosaic art that you can help make...........and more!!!$25 donation to the Belmont gets you your official glass and enjoy free beverages all evening!* MEMBERS - YOUR DONATION IS ONLY $20!Bring back your glass from previous HGCB events and your donation is only $15.Support your favorite "hands on" arts center and have a great evening with your friends, family and everyone else!sponsored in part by: New York Nicks and The Handle Bar.

*Must be 21 yrs or older with Valid ID for consumption of adult beverages. Please drink responsibly.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The three amigos!

Just because I have them at hand. I have a friend that was at the shop a couple weeks back and wanted some Dark Ruby Cups/tumblers made. She was not sure on the size, shape, or basically anything outside of that she wanted them ruby red. Well that and they had to be "hand blown" and not put in a mold at any point. Ok then, here is the first try at hitting on what she wanted. I just made a short rocks glass, then a medium sized white wine top, then what I call a "Tall Boy" which hold about a double crown and coke. Or a whole diet coke with ice.

As you can tell they are plenty ruby red. Three gathers of ruby on the small one, single gather of ruby on the middle one, and 2 gathers of ruby on the tallboy.

Overhead shows the shorty rocks glass is much wider than the others.
The rocks glass is the thicker of the three at the ridges. The tallboy is the perfect thickness and the wine glass in the middle is ultra thin. It is scary thin to the point that It makes you a little twitchy letting ices fall into it from the door on the fridge. It is not going to break but it sure does make a loud enough clank to make you think about it.

More pictures later. Cheers.