Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Night and everything is all right.

Up here at the shop putting the security smackdown on a bunch of servers. The security scans take about 15 minutes a box with my software so I have a minute here to talk about something I just saw at Outback. Yes Mini am I am about to talk about that.

I laddle. That is, I tend to listen to people's conversations around me when I am out to eat. I don't actaully say anything, or butt in, but I have a bad habbit of getting interested in what others are saying. More so when they are saying it at the volume level of a White Snake concert like tonight at Outback. I mean they where on the otherside of the bar and we could hear them over the 5 Large Screen TVs in the joint.

Anyway, it wrinkles Mini's mood most of the time because I am not listening to her at these points in time and she generaly finds it not very polite. It could also be that I often times don't agree with what someone else is saying and I pivit to Mini to proclaim my astonishment at their obtuseness (is that a word? How I ironic if it is not...wait am I using Ironic right? I give up lets move on).

So tonight in I got to hear the following things uttered with a touch of rightousness only bestowed on my people here in Pensacola. I think I will start to call this "Overheard in Pensacola".

Line #1:

Large Blonde Lady:
-- "I am a very deep person, I feel things deeply, I am spiritual because I.... you know...I feel deep stuff and have trouble telling people how deeply I feel deep things. Seriously deep spiritual things on a different kind of feeling level then the deepeness that normal non-spiritual people feel things. You know?"

Large Guy in Grey "TroutSlayer" shirt:
-- "That is called spirituality... most people don't know what that word means but that is it just what you said."

Large Blonde Lady:
--"Hey you going to eat that last chicken wing?"


People just make me giggle.



Chunk said...

Seems to me that what this woman really needed from this guy was another drink.

snowelf said...

I'm sorry to Molli, but I do this too! And I look to the other person I'm with to see if they are listening as well. Cause people are funny!! I especially love when it's a first date and it's a guy totally trying to impress someone. I find it SO cute!
Sorry, sorry, I know it's impolite...