Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The annual Gunter Cino Del Drinko party was a big success. Mike Desorbo over at Culinary Productions seriously kicked some food into high gear. Every time that I think he can't make something better than it was the last time he ups his game.

This year was not as out of control as last year. Last year is was less people with more crazy. This year it was more people with less crazy. I think that once you get a huge group in one stop it kind of pulls away from the total crazy just a bit, then again it could have been the Monday Night hey I have to work tomorrow thing.

Either way fun was had by all. Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Friends. I seem to have a theme going lately.



EXSENO said...

Good food, good drinks, good friends.
Now that's a good part. What more could anyone ask for.

Anonymous said...

You'll be glad to know that yours was the first web site I went to on my new laptop. What fun!