Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am into the one word titles as of late.

Anyway... PK the outside cat is driving me crazy. I love the little critter but she has cost me about....

One Large Floppy bowl - 300 dollars
One large gravity vase - 100 dollars
3 Nice Glass flowers - 120 dollars
One Medium Floppy bowl - 125 dollars
One Large Platter - 250 dollars
2 Blown Cups - 30 dollars
One Large Pumpkin(huge) = 150 dollars
Total Damage from PK in glass = 1075 dollars

I have left out a couple of things but this pretty much sums up why I am angry at this cat right now. To be honest she is locked in the garage. She mills about because she can't get out. She knocks stuff down.

We don't let her out because she has FLeV but damnit all this stuff she is breaking is killing me. I am at wits end with the cat because she is breaking all my best stuff. I put it on the shelf because it is my best stuff and she knocks it off because we are trying to protect her.

I guess I am going to have to start putting her in a crate at night because putting all the glass up does not seem to be an option. I don't know what to do here and I find myself getting more and more angry with every broken piece of glass. Because what I see on the floor is time, money, and sweet....then a big eyed cat looking at me like "Hey check that out! I did that for you! Cool eh?!".



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G3T Films said...

A thousand dollars would by one hell of a nice cattery... or a gun. I suggest one or the other.

I was wondering why we haven't seen any photos of your glass. It's because the cat breaks it all ;)

Hope things are going well otherwise.