Monday, May 5, 2008

240, and sufing.

So I told you guys I was going to loose 10 pounds. I have. I had bucked up to 250. Now those that don't know me might think...HOLLY CRAP 250?! Well to be honest that is pretty much what what I said as well.

So I am down to 240 now. The new goal is 230. I just have to keep doing what I am doing and see if I can't wiggle my way down to 230. I think that I am on the edge of falling off the cliff into a full on sprint at this. I have 1/2 arsed it for the last two months and it is doing "OK".

For those of you that don't know me well I am a thick guy. What I mean is that I don't have stick legs and stick arms. I have a friend that says "He is like a piece of iron, go ahead try to make him move it's like you hit a brick wall". Now to be honest he wieghts about 130 and is 5'4 but my point is that a lot of my weight is muscle...a lot of it is fat as well. When I went surfing in Cali 8 years ago I was 210 with what was starting to look like a six pack and a 32' inch waist. So at 225 I am going to start looking and feeling the way I want.

So starting tomorrow I am going to get a little more serious. I am going to get a little more active and see if I can't cut the next 15 pounds off of me in the next two months. Forget that 230 lets go ahead and make a real goal.

Maybe I should have a before and after picture. Hum...I will leave that up to Mini.

-----> Side notes.

We had the garden club over to the house. Nothing like 30+ good looking ladies to fawn over the glass blowing to help my ego out! Everyone had a great time and I think it got the word out that I was offically on the map. Some of the flowers are as good as the one that I made after a year of glass blowing.

Cat is doing very very well.

Belmont Art Center is going to have open blow slots on Gallery night this week. Kim and I will be working from 7 to 8 pm.

Mini needs to wear sunblock like me no matter what she says.



Damsel Underdressed said...

Good goals! I bet you'll do it! ;)

Chunk said...

We talked about it while surfing but officially my goal is to me no more than 200 pounds by August 1. Here we go then.

Sloth said...
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Sloth said...

HA HA fat boys... Hell I am just jealous I wish I could gain the weigth you guys are leaving behind.

javajo said...

I'm with sloth! Here's a nugget. I go to McD's twice a week and order supersize junk and ice cream because I WANT all those calories. When we go to a steak restaurant...I order my dish twice....and ask for it on the same plate. $5 for a steak dinner seems criminal anyways.