Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Float on the Beach

I know that I promised pictures of my new piece but the world conspired against me. The Annealer at the Belmont overheated....again....for the 4th time in 3 months. It makes me not a nice person to be around. I start to turn a shade of green, my pants rip, I loose my shirt and well you get the picture....

So I went surfing and everything was right in the world. I left a float on the dune with the address and we will see if anyone takes the time to post that they found it.

Pumpkins are being made. I figured I needed to slide back into something productive. Maybe I can get some time in the shop tonight. If so we will have to try and take a couple pictures.



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wed. Night Blow slot update.

Yesterday I had a mini melt down at work. Not a melt down you have like a loony running around kicking over chairs and screaming "A Dingo ate my LunchBox!" more of a running out of steam and feelling sick melt down. I guess I could say I was just pushing myself a little to close to the edge and took a step over.

Anyway I went home took a nap and felt right as rain 4 hours later just in time to go blow some glass for the first time in about 3 weeks. I had a different outlook last night. I knew there was something I wanted to make and how I wanted to make it but no shape in mind. No real goal, just the idea of being in the shop was enough.

Kim and I kicked out this really cool vase that is about 8 inch wide and 12 inches tall. I am going to call this series "Totems" because I kind of got the idea when in Seattle looking at all the Totems that are around the city. This is the second time I have tried to make something like this but I am using a different applicaiton of color this time. The very first try I made sold last week for a good chuck of cash so I will go back to that style at a later date. It is not that I don't like it because I do. It is just not exactlly the look I was going for. It has a nice look to it and I plan to pick it back up at a later date.

The "Totems" need a tighter, crisper, more defined line. The first try made a tight line but the ribbons of color turned out to be much to large. What I am going for is a thinner line with defined color. More like the way the totems stacked and the colors worked between the totem faces that gave me the idea. I plan to really change the way that the colors stack from the ones I did last night also but I need to work on the application of the rings of color before I can move onto the next step. Work in progress.

Anyway, they will not be out of the annealer until Friday night but I plan to take some pictures of them this weekend. I know it is only Thursday but I hope you guys have a nice extended weekend.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have a friend that has been skimming over resumes for a job opening we have here. The problem with that is the funny things that you see on a resume.

Case in point:

"Proficient in Microsoft Word"

No kidding? Word! Really WORD?!

Your putting a resume in for a senior network administrator and you think that people give a toot about word? Why not write down "More than 15 years experience with Notepad", or "Extensive day to day operational use and controll of web browser". "More than 20 years experience with the deletion of files from a hierarchical file system".

COME ON! your killing me.

I want to see "10 years of router experience" and you give me "Proficient in Word"....ARG!!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Night and everything is all right.

Up here at the shop putting the security smackdown on a bunch of servers. The security scans take about 15 minutes a box with my software so I have a minute here to talk about something I just saw at Outback. Yes Mini am I am about to talk about that.

I laddle. That is, I tend to listen to people's conversations around me when I am out to eat. I don't actaully say anything, or butt in, but I have a bad habbit of getting interested in what others are saying. More so when they are saying it at the volume level of a White Snake concert like tonight at Outback. I mean they where on the otherside of the bar and we could hear them over the 5 Large Screen TVs in the joint.

Anyway, it wrinkles Mini's mood most of the time because I am not listening to her at these points in time and she generaly finds it not very polite. It could also be that I often times don't agree with what someone else is saying and I pivit to Mini to proclaim my astonishment at their obtuseness (is that a word? How I ironic if it is not...wait am I using Ironic right? I give up lets move on).

So tonight in I got to hear the following things uttered with a touch of rightousness only bestowed on my people here in Pensacola. I think I will start to call this "Overheard in Pensacola".

Line #1:

Large Blonde Lady:
-- "I am a very deep person, I feel things deeply, I am spiritual because I.... you know...I feel deep stuff and have trouble telling people how deeply I feel deep things. Seriously deep spiritual things on a different kind of feeling level then the deepeness that normal non-spiritual people feel things. You know?"

Large Guy in Grey "TroutSlayer" shirt:
-- "That is called spirituality... most people don't know what that word means but that is it just what you said."

Large Blonde Lady:
--"Hey you going to eat that last chicken wing?"


People just make me giggle.


Friday, May 16, 2008


Work is crazy right now I am putting in about 12 to 14 hours a day. I have not read anyone elses blog, worked glass, or sleept more than 6 hours a night this week.

I get paid by the hour being a contractor but man I am ready for a day off. Maybe this weekend I can take a break but I will be working at least one of the days this weekend if not both.

I hope to fire up the shop this weekend at least once to work out some glass.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


You ever notice that if you eat a big breakfast that you are hungry all day long?



I am into the one word titles as of late.

Anyway... PK the outside cat is driving me crazy. I love the little critter but she has cost me about....

One Large Floppy bowl - 300 dollars
One large gravity vase - 100 dollars
3 Nice Glass flowers - 120 dollars
One Medium Floppy bowl - 125 dollars
One Large Platter - 250 dollars
2 Blown Cups - 30 dollars
One Large Pumpkin(huge) = 150 dollars
Total Damage from PK in glass = 1075 dollars

I have left out a couple of things but this pretty much sums up why I am angry at this cat right now. To be honest she is locked in the garage. She mills about because she can't get out. She knocks stuff down.

We don't let her out because she has FLeV but damnit all this stuff she is breaking is killing me. I am at wits end with the cat because she is breaking all my best stuff. I put it on the shelf because it is my best stuff and she knocks it off because we are trying to protect her.

I guess I am going to have to start putting her in a crate at night because putting all the glass up does not seem to be an option. I don't know what to do here and I find myself getting more and more angry with every broken piece of glass. Because what I see on the floor is time, money, and sweet....then a big eyed cat looking at me like "Hey check that out! I did that for you! Cool eh?!".



Monday, May 12, 2008


I would like to state that I really like this show.

That is it.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Warm Fuzzy!

Things that have been good.

#1. Lots of parties.

#2. Lots of work. - Keeps the day going by fast.

#3. Making some progress toward turning Strong Street Studio into a buisness. I might change the name. More on that later.

#4. Been surfing a lot.

#5. Have a tan...somewhat.

#6. Sold a friends computer for him. Got a friend a great deal on a computer. Win Win. To be honest CorkChop was the good guy here he just wanted someone he knew or I knew to get his awesome laptop for a great price.

#7. 238 - two more down. Had pizza last night...might be 239.

#8. Starting to walk more but It has to work into my day after work and before glass. Acutally I have been telling myself that is I work hard in the glass shop that should cover my walking...yea that will not work.

#9. Outlands Music Festival is a go! More than 60 bands and performers - including Beck, Primus and Widespread Panic - have been signed for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival on five stages over three days, Aug. 22-24, in Golden Gate Park, producers announced Monday.
In addition to the already advertised headliners - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Radiohead and Jack Johnson - the colossal program will also feature Wilco, Manu Chao, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, and Steve Winwood.

Also appearing will be Rodrigo y Gabriela, CafĂ© Tacvba, Broken Social Scene, Regina Spektor, Devendra Banhart, Galactic’s Crescent City Soul Krewe, Steel Pulse, Cold War Kids, Andrew Bird, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Drive-By Truckers, M. Ward, ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra), Matt Nathanson, Two Gallants and Mother Hips.

Ack! Mid post lunch run....finish later.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The annual Gunter Cino Del Drinko party was a big success. Mike Desorbo over at Culinary Productions seriously kicked some food into high gear. Every time that I think he can't make something better than it was the last time he ups his game.

This year was not as out of control as last year. Last year is was less people with more crazy. This year it was more people with less crazy. I think that once you get a huge group in one stop it kind of pulls away from the total crazy just a bit, then again it could have been the Monday Night hey I have to work tomorrow thing.

Either way fun was had by all. Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Friends. I seem to have a theme going lately.


Monday, May 5, 2008

240, and sufing.

So I told you guys I was going to loose 10 pounds. I have. I had bucked up to 250. Now those that don't know me might think...HOLLY CRAP 250?! Well to be honest that is pretty much what what I said as well.

So I am down to 240 now. The new goal is 230. I just have to keep doing what I am doing and see if I can't wiggle my way down to 230. I think that I am on the edge of falling off the cliff into a full on sprint at this. I have 1/2 arsed it for the last two months and it is doing "OK".

For those of you that don't know me well I am a thick guy. What I mean is that I don't have stick legs and stick arms. I have a friend that says "He is like a piece of iron, go ahead try to make him move it's like you hit a brick wall". Now to be honest he wieghts about 130 and is 5'4 but my point is that a lot of my weight is muscle...a lot of it is fat as well. When I went surfing in Cali 8 years ago I was 210 with what was starting to look like a six pack and a 32' inch waist. So at 225 I am going to start looking and feeling the way I want.

So starting tomorrow I am going to get a little more serious. I am going to get a little more active and see if I can't cut the next 15 pounds off of me in the next two months. Forget that 230 lets go ahead and make a real goal.

Maybe I should have a before and after picture. Hum...I will leave that up to Mini.

-----> Side notes.

We had the garden club over to the house. Nothing like 30+ good looking ladies to fawn over the glass blowing to help my ego out! Everyone had a great time and I think it got the word out that I was offically on the map. Some of the flowers are as good as the one that I made after a year of glass blowing.

Cat is doing very very well.

Belmont Art Center is going to have open blow slots on Gallery night this week. Kim and I will be working from 7 to 8 pm.

Mini needs to wear sunblock like me no matter what she says.