Monday, April 7, 2008

Wiggle just a little bit.

Well Kim cam by yesterday and sanded the what I am now calling "The Wiggle Bowl" down so that it would sit correctly. I would like to point out that this has nothing to do with it being off in any sort of way but by design.

If you make a big giant flutted bowl it has a much better shape if you don't flatten the bottom of the bowl. Now this is where the lap wheel, or grinder, or sander, or 1600 dollar thing that goes around in circles comes in. It is a wonderful yet expensive piece of machinery.

What we do is we grind a flat spot on the bottom them polish it up with ever increasing levels diamonds. Sounds cool eh? Think of it like sanding wood with sandpaper but with diamonds. We start with a very rough diamon disk that is on the sander and take them down to finer ones. There are 4 steps down until you get to polish. Which is a giant felt pad that gets loaded with cerinium (sort of like pumuce) for the final polish. At this point it is optical clear. This takes about 20 minutes for each piece of glass to do it right.

Ok that is you quick lesson in cold working for the day.



ray & kim said...

Scott, by any chance (if it's OK with Kim, of course) would you be able to post a snapshot of Kim's Kreation?
She mentioned she was making it for someone so it's definitely understandable if not.

Also, are y'all going to be at HGCB this Friday?

Gnat of Glass said...

Yea drive by I think for me at the HGCB. I have obligations with "Art In Bloom" here in town which I recommend everyone check out.

Actually I think that needs to be a post.

As for a picture I am sure Kim has one I will ask her for it and post if she agrees. Being a proud Momma of a large floppy bowl I find it unlikely that she will not agree.


Sloth said...

How is it I always come in one day after HGCB night? I think this happened to me last time also!

angel said...

it sounds awesome... can we see it please!!?