Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things to do in Pensacola!

Ok I don't do this very much but I have to give you a clue how crazy this weekend is going to be. Lets start off with Art in Bloom that will be in the downtown area April 10th - 13th so that is all weekend you lazy slugs. No reason you can't roll downtown and see a metrix truck load of flowers, art, and find a nice spot to eat. I would give it a run on Sat. because the weather looks like it is going to be great.

Next up! It is that time again up at the Belmont Art Center. It is Hot Beer Cold Glass....ok I always say it that way and I can't help it. Much like I say Marble Clab Sleamery instead of Marble Slab Creamery. I think I have a mild case of something.

Anyway, Friday night you guys should check out the Hot Glass Cold Beer at the Belmont Arts Center. Glass Demos, pottery demos, metal working demos, Lampworking (beads) demos and I think that they are also letting people get a taste of working in all the areas so don't wear you Sunday bests if your wanting to get your hand dirty.

I plan to do a little work out in the shop on Sat. when I can fit it in so that will be fun also. If you are in town drop by I love visitors.

Sunday is the fun day! I kid, I am sleeping in.

Hope you guys have a good weekend.



Amanda said...

Dude! You are sooo within driving distance of Memphis. I didn't realize you weren't way down in Florida. What is there to do towards the end of May down your way? I have vacation time coming. I would love to take the family to the beach. I have never been!!

Sloth said...

Sleep when you are dead! I am in town -- unless the parental units want to go to the casino.

Gnat of Glass said...


I am not sure what is going on in May but I will sniff about.


What? that is this weekend?

I am loosing my mind.


Sloth said...

Yes I leave on Saturday Morning from here and will be there that evening! Better find your mind fast------ I plan on drinking a lot of beer and having some fun.

G3T Films said...

I would have thought the fun...nest thing to do in Pensacola was to say Pensacola... it's not only a great word it sounds like a carbonated beverage.

angel said...

whew, i would have loved to atted boh of those!
i hope we'll see pics... did you take any or were you too busy?