Friday, April 18, 2008

Go Big or Go Home

To quote my brother Ryan "Go Big or Go Home" seemed to be the theme of the night Wed. Every time that I say "That is the biggest thing I have ever made" I seem to one up myself the next time I make something big. It is a sickness. This next one is blue...big time so everyone will like it. Blue in glass seems to be a universal "let me have that" color.

I have to send off some stuff to a client today and the Giant Vase I made a couple weeks back is the center of what they want. All in all about 6 pieces that are going to be shown to figure out if I can land a big project. More on that if it works out. I would rather not get all crazy excited until I get the final "They loved it, game on!". If not I will never bring it up again...HA!

Ray and Rick are now renting time at the Belmont on Tuesday nights. I kind of feel I helped get them hooked on glass so that makes me all warm and fuzzy that they are now renting time. Then again I might not have had much to do with it at all...either way I am stoked to see them paired up and renting time. Both of them are super nice guys and if you boys are reading I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy both of you guys getting into the shop and having fun.

Hope to see you guys up there again real soon.

Well it is Friday and you know what that means....Intermissions time! Have a great weekend.



ray & kim said...

Scott, it was really nice checking your shop out!

To all the readers of this blog who haven't met the Gnat Man, he's every bit the charming chap he sounds like here, a cool guy who spends lots of time in hot places. Speaking of charming, Molli is every bit as much so as Scott says. And we've met his brother Ryan (aka Sloth--although he doesn't look like a sloth to us and we didn't see him hanging upside down a single time) who's also a personable dude and a very good glassblower.


ray & kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott.

As far as I'm concerned, you should feel all warm and fuzzy - had you and Kim not been working in the shop on that Friday night a couple of years ago, I might not have caught the "bug" at all, or even known of the possibility of doing that in Pensacola, and I'd been living there for years.

A little background for most of you - a couple of years ago my wife and i decided to go to one of the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival events, which had a venue at the Belmont. When we arrived there were a handful of people there for the music, with about as many folding chairs in front of the stage. Right next to the area where the seating had been arranged, were Scott and Kim, and this fascinating "orange" stuff that they were playing with. It didn't take long for the music to become the "background" entertainment for us, as we became enthralled at what these two were doing.

As we all know, Scott will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and it wasn't long before he drew us in, explaining what he was doing, what he was trying to do, and why. At the end of the evening, as we were leaving, Kim mentioned that they usually worked on Wednesday night's and if we were interested, they'd be working again the following Wednesday.

Needless to say, we were there the next Wednesday, and for the next few months we'd go down to the Belmont most Wednesdays to watch. Kim started calling us their glass groupies. Scott had mentioned along the way that classes were available if I was interested in trying my hand, so I took those and the "bug" was firmly in place.

I was lucky enough to be able to work a bit with both Scott and Kim on occassion after that, showing up as an "extra pair of hands", but also learning from both of them as they were more than happy to explain what they were doing and why.

I'd been away from the shop for the better part of 2 years after moving away from Pensacola. But Mobile's not that far away and now with Ray, who also lives in Mobile, having completed his classes in New Orleans, he can rent studio time at the Belmont.

So now you can see why I feel Scott bears a part in this addiction of mine, and I can't thank him enough!

So Scott, (and Kim if you see this!), if you have time to stop by, we'll be there again this Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to hear that you and Ray are now renting on Tuesdays. I will definately stop by soon to see you and to meet Ray. It is always a pleasure to hang out with you and I am proud to have had a part in your catching the "bug". More importantly, I am proud of you for finding your way back to glass at the Belmont. It is good to have you on the "team".

Gnat of Glass said...

You guys rock!

Now if we could get Austin, Tim (who I know read this I see it in the logs) but never comments anymore, and Michael to chime in we would have the lions share of the renters.

On that note maybe I need to start a little site just for the team.


Damsel Underdressed said...

Give me some glass! I'll blow it! Ha. ;)

Hey Scott! Did you ever get my email?