Thursday, April 3, 2008

Glass blowing at Disney...who knew?

Would you have ever guessed that there was glass blowing at the magic kingdom? This started the trifecta of Glassblowing crazyness.

#1. Corkchop calls to tell me that the guy that runs the Belmont Arts Center just walked buy him. IE> Joe, the shop tech and resident artist at the shop I rent on Wed. nights. Strange. The only thing that would have made this even stranger is if they had been in front of the "It's a small world after all" ride.

#2. CorkChop then walked into a new area and low and behold it is glass blowing. Strange...perhaps. Trifecta of Glassblowing in now in play.

#3. See picture above at Disney. That is the exact same equipment that we use at the Belmont Arts Center. Cleaner, painted, but the same stuff. Trifecta of strange glassblowing moments complete.

Now that I have all the strange and wierd glassblowing happenings out of the way I want to share something with you guys that happend last night. My glassblowing partner who I like to call Kim Possible, Super Kim, or El Kimbolina made a huge progress step last night. Going on better than five years we have been meeitng every wed. night to not only blow glass but vent, bitch, smile, share, tell tall tails, and for lack of a better word support each other in our "other world" outside of glass. She is by far one of the most wonderful people I have ever meet. That is way it is so much fun to share this with you guys.

Kim came smilling into the shop last night with a goal. A goal that was outside of her comfort level. A goal that honestly I was kind of surprise that she set. It was not your typical Kim project. As it got closer to doing it I saw the "wiggle" as I like to call it. She started to doubt herself and had the added pressure of the person that needed the piece to be sitting right there in the shop. Now lets be fair because what she wanted to do she had never done. It was bigger, heavier, and harder than anything she has ever done. Wiggle wiggle. She needs it on Monday if I mess it up we can't get anouther made...Wiggle wiggle. Will you do it I know you can do it....Wiggle Wiggle. I did not let her off the hook and I consider that my job. Five years now and I should now what she can and can't do. I knew for a fact that she could pull this off if she would just calm down and give it a go. She has the skills she just needs someone not to let her back down. I knew she could do it and I wanted her to crush the wiggle.

Let me just say that she knocked it out of the park. First try. BANG! Big, heavy, clean and nice floppy bowl about the size of anything I have ever made. Nice Lapis blue and copper blue that is going to look awesome. Kim if you are reading this you made a HUGE step last night..HUGE! This is your progression point piece of glass that has pushed you to the next stage. I am proud of you and your wiggle needs to find a new home now.



G3T Films said...

Now that's wot I'm talk'n bout! Super High Five to Kim whoever she is...

Anyone who's ever gone through that moment and come out the other side knows exactly how hard it is to take that step past the wiggle. Good post Gnat.

Sloth said...

CONGRATS KIM wiggles are bad but when you get over it the doors open and more idea come out. I remember some of the wiggles that I have had. I think what really gets me through them is when I am sitting there thinking "Oh crap" this is out of my reach to finish this thing I remember something Gnat said to me a long time ago when I was playing a Nintendo game with him. GO BIG OR GO HOME he beats me at a lot of things through out life but with out him I don’t think I would have done half the stuff that I have. We compete on many levels and I think he has pushed me at every step in life and I am thankful for it. When I move back to Florida it is going to be crazy... one goal is to EXPAND the shop maybe even build a bar or something. Glass blowing by day --Bar by night with some night demos. Gnat planted that in my brain and I can not get it out. Damn you!!

ray said...

Congratulations to SuperKim! I wish I were at least approaching that degree of skill but I'm still turning out Flintstoneware...when things go right.
Meanwhile, I vote for the shop/bar idea...

Anonymous said...

Big, big smiles. All I can say is that I love you Scott; you are truely one of my best and most beloved friends. Sloth, your words touched me as I understand in knowing your brother something of what you mean when you said that he has pushed you at every step and that you are thankful for it. I too am very thankful.
Thanks for the high five and congradulations from all. It feels great. I haven't seen the bowl since completion but I am hoping it is as wonderful as the experience was. Scott, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to acknowledge that I know you did your best Scott to make sure I looked like I did it all, but I must point out that I was well aware of the little tweaks you quickly and quietly made to insure my sucess. And the weight...damn. You and I both know I could not have done it the first try without you.
The best part... now I am dying to do it again!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Go Kim!!

Isn't Walt's frozen noggin on display in a hand blown glass globe?

snowelf said...

WTG Kim!! The friendship you and Scott have is awesome and inspiring. And Scott, you can just feel your pride glowing from this post.

Congratulations to both of you--look how far you've both come in such a small amount of time. Happiness abounds. :)


Chunk said...

Grats to both of you.

MiniMolli said...

The bowl is beautiful! Now all you have to do is figure out your color combo for the next one!

angel said...

that is incredible- firstly that you can back each other and secondly that she did it! wonderful!

G3T Films said...

I think Phos is onto something... you and Kim aren't thinking of freezing your head are you?