Friday, April 25, 2008

Elton John

I have to go and Elton John concert. When I say I have to go I am not saying I am being forced but I do risk a lip quiver and a sad Mini if I don't agree. See I was given a pass the first time Elton played but he got sick and somehow I was not able to pull off getting out of it this time. To be honest I don't hate Elton John's music I actaully kind of like a lot of it. What has be worried is that I know this concert is going to take 3 hours. 3 hours of Elton John only....It boggles the mind.

I might have to get really really plowed to take 3 hours. If "I'm still stand'n" plays and I am in fact still standing it will be a long night.



MiniMolli said...

;P I will take you for cocktails before AND after if you behave!

Chunk said...

Marla will be there. I will be at home with LJ watching cartoons.

ray said...

For pete's sake, you've got an attractive lady who's going to take you out for cocktails (except see if you can get her to buy you some booze) and all you have to do is behave and listen to Elton John. So quit yer whinin', Rocket Man, and let your Tiny Dancer take you out and Save your Life Tonight. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the concert and listen to some Crocodile Rock while sippin' a cool one. And remember, if you screw up and don't behave, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, and Sorry is going to be the Hardest Word. 'Nuff said.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Ha! That was cute Ray! Hopefully Molli IS the Tiny Dancer...otherwise, let's hope he keeps his Tiny Dancer in his pocket until AFTER the concert. ;) If not, then Molli gave him too much booze. Hee hee.