Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What did you guys think of the contest?

I was shooting for 50 people to guess. I think I hit that or came very close to it. The next contest is going to be very soon but I am trying to figure out why people would come to the site, see the contest, but never guess to win.

Maybe they think I am not for real, that I am not giving away this stuff for fun. That there must be some string attached to the deal like they have to pay for shipping. This is just not the case. Maybe the prize is not "big" enough to get them to guess. I figure the ornament was a good starting prize for my little experiment but I am going to knock it up a notch next time.

So stay tuned I have some interesting ideas coming down the pipe toward anouther contest.



Amanda said...

Loved the contest! I can't believe there were that many nuggets in that bowl. I can't wait for the next one.

Chunk said...

I, for one, welcome our new glass stuff contest overlord. May he never singe himself and keep the contests coming. Random guessing of quantities of shiny objects are always a hit with the kids.

We smile with anticipation of the next crafty contest.


G3T Films said...

The contest was fine dude. No idea why people wouldn't guess. Fools!

ray said...

I may sound biased but I agree the contest was very cool, if you'll pardon the antiquated slang. And maybe you're right--possibly people didn't bother to read your rules, etc, and thought there was some catch. If they don't think the prize was "big enough" then they're greedy, superficial people who deserve to never win anything and to be miserable for the rest of their lives. They also don't know how much skill and experience it takes to produce such a beautiful item by hand blowing.

As I mentioned by email, it's fine with me if I pick up the prize sometime when I'm over there, so you can save the shipping cost and make the next contest sooner. I bet Rick has the same outlook.

snowelf said...

Scott--I dig the contests, they are lots of fun. Of course, I find your blog entertaining without the contests, so they are just a bonus for me. Maybe people just don't feel comfortable guessing?
And I'm with Amanda--I still can't believe how many nuggets were in that bowl!


Bimbimbie said...

Hi, I appreciated your generosity and the fun in guessing congrats to the winner *!*

javajo said...

OMFG da contest is teh WTFPWNZ!

P.S. Chunk.....too much FARK can be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

hi scott. i thought the contest was great - i was amazed at the winning number.
i'm in agreement with ray - save the shipping for the next contest, i'd be more than happy to come over and pick it up. i'd actually hoped to get over tonight to see if there were any pumpkins in the works, and offer another pair of hands if needed, but that won't happen tonight. maybe next wednesday - the "itch" to get back in the shop has gone unscratched far too long!


Eternally Curious said...

Hey Scott, as long as you can and care to, please keep the contests coming. It is such a unique way to reach out to us, and for us to reach back to you too! As to why folks look but don't enter? No clue.

But then again, I also have no clue why so many read, even time and time again, but don't comment...

angel said...

i think it was great fun- but my guess was way off!