Friday, March 28, 2008

The Pinky is the fun digit.

What the hell is going on with my pinky finger. Did I use it to kill someone in a past life? Did it do some kind of unspeakable evil like I don't know.... single fingeredly spread a pandemic of subnail fungus to the indigenous tribes of Borneo? I only ask this because I have crushed you under a brick, sliced you with a knife, maimed you with a drill, sanded you with my lapwheel, caught you in a door jam, burned you with a torch, nearly cut you off with a broken piece of glass(only visit to the Emergency Room), and then last night a sheet of plywood sliped in my hand taking off a good 5 layers of good healthy top soil and planting a splinter the size of #2 pencil in you my little pink friend.

Pinky I am sorry. You have taken so much and I have given so little. You hit the "P" key for me with such dexterity and we will not even bring up how you slide over and snap up that backspace button so much better than any of your other 9 brothern. I have taken you for granted but no more! NO MORE!

I name this "Pinky Day" and pay tribute to you, oh great right handed mini apendage of mine. May you live in peace and comfort from this day forth. I shall even buy you a glove to live in and take you out drinking tonight to show my sincerity because I know how you love the cool feeling of a cold drink against your caloused shell.



MiniMolli said...

Ha Ha! Sorry about your pinky but that post was funny - made me smile!

Poor pinky, at least you have most of the feeling back. Although, if you keep up the injuries you might not want to feel it.

Amanda said...

I will pay tribute to your little finger also. Maybe if enough good things are said about it, it may leave you alone.

Ode to Gnat's Pinky

Oh dear pinky, so small and cute

You are the smallest, but least of all mute

So often overlooked, but not anymore

Please don't get slammed into a door

Hope this helps

Gnat of Glass said...




The Phosgene Kid said...

Well at least of all the fingers it is the least useful, so if it gets burned off in a smelting accident you aren't going to miss it much, unless you touch type.

javajo said...

Oh my. That was a classic post for the ages. Well done man.

angel said...

aw dude, thats so sweet!!!!

leelee said...

Oh what a WELL WRITTEN AND HEARTFELT homage to your pinky finger..I am touched beyond wordS...How we all take for granted our appendages....GOD BLESS THE PINKY!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap, there goes the other one!

G3T Films said...

Face it, Gnat, the atrocities your pinky committed in its last life have doomed it to a life time of ongoing damage. What you did in your last life to get attached to such a monstrous pinky is beyond anyone's recollection.

EXSENO said...

Ouch, pinky seems to be accident prone.