Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ok I even got e-mail about the Cat.

You people are crazy about cats. So here is the skinny on the cat, she is quite small. Her name is PK for Porch Kitty. She showed up on our porch one winter day sick, thin as a french model, and mouthy. MiniMolli being the animal lover of all time gave her food and water as she fretted around saying things like "Scott she is sick", "Scott we should take her to the vet", "Scott we should build something for her to stay dry out there". She is fixed now, put on some pounds, and is pretty darn frisky. She is a true lover in that if you sit down in my back yard to watch glass she is going to find a place to sit on you and pur. She will follow you around like a dog and come when called. She is a mystery to me as I have never seen a cat that acts like a dog.

Those are the good things. That bad is that she was sick for a reason and has some pretty wicked cancer in her neck. The vet gave her 2 weeks...that was 4 months ago. The vet then said I can't believe she is still alive. I think it is because we gave her a reason to live. Just my views. She is a real trooper and is happy. The Vet said she would stop eating when she starts to go, so far she is eating 4 times a day and gets really mouthy if you don't service her bowl on time.

I would like to point out she has some skills. Rats, mice, lizards, grasshoppers, doves, and basically anything smaller than her is a target. She is a skilled hunter and I had to keep her from going toe to toe with our opossum in the back yard. That thing is 3 times her size.

Anyway, enough about the cat as you can tell I don't care for her that much....yea. The contest will start when the new photos hit the blog. I will restate the rules and we are off. It will be open to guesses for one week. Things should be rollling this afternoon for those that want to get and early guess in at the start.




snowelf said...

Okay Scott! All caught up and anxiously awaiting. :)

Pet PK for me, okay? Caue I LOVE cats. (My IT job even revolves around animal care. ;) )


Damsel Underdressed said...

Skinny as a French model. Ha! She's cute.