Monday, March 24, 2008

More on the Lamps.

UPDATE: Insert photo of phase 1 lamps. They look like pretty vases at the moment but will soon magically transform! And I now know that the mirror needs a good cleaning!

Ok so the Glass Lamps are now past the first part of the long road to being done. I somehow made two lamps that looks pretty much exactly the same. I personally like one of them better than the other but only because it was easier to make. The first one is always the easy one, it is making one just like that hands you your hat.

They are about 28 inches high and 11 inches wide at the base. They are super heavy on the bottom so that MiniMolli can get a nice wide shade and still keep them from falling over in a stiff wind...or a wayward cat drive-by. They are solid bronze in color, which is a fantzy name for dark grey/purple but they are the perfect color for what she was looking for. I know what you are thinking...bronze...grey? I always thought that bronze was a kind of goldish color, I mean the medals they give you at the olympics are kind of a coppery gold color right? Apparently this interpretation of the color is the "aged" version that is a kind like a vessel that has been sitting in the ground for 100 years getting a nice grey, or is it gray, patina. It think the color makers made a mistake going for black and just called it Bronze to sell it. I mean think about it. Would you buy "Light Black" for 30 bucks a kilo or "Bronze" for 30 bucks a kilo. I am going with Bronze based on the fact that I purchased it thinking ...ewwww Bronze!

Anyway, maybe I can get MiniMolli to post a picture of the lamps before I start working on getting the tops sanded down for the light posts. If not I will put up before and after pics with the final "hey we are done" pictures.

Hope everyone had a good time this weekend!



Damsel Underdressed said...

A wayward cat drive by...Ha!

I get the color misconception. It's kinda the same as how it isn't chlorine that turns your hair green but too high of a pH that creates copper in the water. The copper turns hair green.

G3T Films said...

Oh yeah, I should mention they look awesome Scott. Taller than I imagined but should make great lamps.

You do rise to the challenge.

angel said...

wow, those are quite spectacular! i love them!